New Papers (Nature, Science, etc ...) 2016/8/16~8/22

1.     A progressively wetter climate in southern East Africa over the past 1.3 million years
T. C. Johnson, J. P. Werne, E. T. Brown, A. Abbott, M. Berke, B. A. Steinman, J. Halbur, S. Contreras, S. Grosshuesch, A. Deino, C. A. Scholz, R. P. Lyons, S. Schouten & J. S. Sinninghe Damsté

2.     Postglacial viability and colonization in North America’s ice-free corridor
Mikkel W. Pedersen, Anthony Ruter, Charles Schweger, Harvey Friebe, Richard A. Staff, Kristian K. Kjeldsen, Marie L. Z. Mendoza, Alwynne B. Beaudoin, Cynthia Zutter, Nicolaj K. Larsen, Ben A. Potter, Rasmus Nielsen, Rebecca A. Rainville, Ludovic Orlando, David J. Meltzer, Kurt H. Kjær & Eske Willerslev

Nature Geoscience
3.     Hydrologic control of carbon cycling and aged carbon discharge in the Congo River basin
Enno Schefuß, Timothy I. Eglinton, Charlotte L. Spencer-Jones, Jürgen Rullkötter, Ricardo De Pol-Holz, Helen M. Talbot, Pieter M. Grootes & Ralph R. Schneider

4.     Widespread dispersal and aging of organic carbon in shallow marginal seas
Rui Bao, Cameron McIntyre, Meixun Zhao, Chun Zhu, Shuh-Ji Kao and Timothy I. Eglinton

5.     Reconstructing the last interglacial at Summit, Greenland: Insights from GISP2
Audrey M. Yau, Michael L. Bender, Alexander Robinson and Edward J. Brook

6.     Contrasting climate change impact on river flows from high-altitude catchments in the Himalayan and Andes Mountains
Silvan Ragettli, Walter W. Immerzeel and Francesca Pellicciotti

Nature Climate Change
Nature Communication

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New Paper Introduction AGU etc... 2016/8/15–8/21

New Paper Introduction AGU etc... 2016/8/15–8/21

Geophysical Research Letters
1.        Two centuries of coherent decadal climate variability across the Pacific North American region
            S. C. Sanchez, C. D. Charles, J. D. Carriquiry, J. A. Villaescusa

2.        Pacific sea level rise patterns and global surface temperature variability
            Cheryl E. Peyser, Jianjun Yin, Felix W. Landerer, Julia E. Cole

3.        New Observational Evidence for a Positive Cloud Feedback that Amplifies the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation
            Katinka Bellomo, Amy C. Clement, Lisa N. Murphy, Lorenzo M. Polvani, Mark A. Cane

4.        Grounding Line Variability and Subglacial Lake Drainage on Pine Island Glacier, Antarctica
            Ian Joughin, David E. Shean, Ben E. Smith, P. Dutrieux

Climate of the Past
5.        Mid-to-late Holocene temperature evolution and atmospheric dynamics over Europe in regional model simulations
            Emmanuele Russo and Ulrich Cubasch

6.        Changes to the tropical circulation in the mid-Pliocene and their implications for future climate
            Shawn Corvec and Christopher G. Fletcher

7.        Hosed vs. unhosed: interruptions of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation in a global coupled model, with and without freshwater forcing
            Nicolas Brown, Eric D. Galbraith

Geological Society of America Bulletin
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems
Journal of Geophysical Research C. Oceans

Paleoceanography                                  no relevant


2016/08/16 New Papers(Nature, etc)


Nature Geoscience
1. Role of atmospheric chemistry in the climate impacts of stratospheric volcanic injections
Allegra N. LeGrande, Kostas Tsigaridis & Susanne E. Bauer

2. Climate warming reduces fish production and benthic habitat in Lake Tanganyika, one of the most biodiverse freshwater ecosystems
Andrew S. Cohen, Elizabeth L. Gergurich, Benjamin M. Kraemer, Michael M. McGlue, Peter B. McIntyre, James M. Russell, Jack D. Simmons, and Peter W. Swarzenski

Nature Climate Change
Nature Communication

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New Papers 2016/8/2~8/8 (Nature, Science, etc ...)

Nature Communications
1.     Climate change velocity underestimates climate change exposure in mountainous regions
Solomon Z. Dobrowski & Sean A. Parks

2.     Deep ocean nutrients imply large latitudinal variation in particle transfer efficiency
Thomas Weber, Jacob A. Cram, Shirley W. Leung, Timothy DeVries, and Curtis Deutsch

3.     Timing and causes of mid-Holocene mammoth extinction on St. Paul Island, Alaska
Russell W. Graham, Soumaya Belmecheri, Kyungcheol Choy, Brendan J. Culleton, Lauren J. Davies, Duane Froese, Peter D. Heintzman, Carrie Hritz, Joshua D. Kapp, Lee A. Newsom, Ruth Rawcliffe, Émilie Saulnier-Talbot, Beth Shapiro, Yue Wang, John W. Williams, and Matthew J. Wooller

4.     Relationship link between landward vergence in accretionary prisms and tsunami generation
Nadaya Cubas, Pauline Souloumiac and Satish C. Singh

5.     Groundwater controls on episodic soil erosion and dust emissions in a desert ecosystem
J.M. Kaste, A.J. Elmore, K.R. Vest and G.S. Okin

6.     Osmium isotope evidence for two pulses of increased continental weathering linked to Early Jurassic volcanism and climate change
L.M.E. Percival, A.S. Cohen, M.K. Davies, A.J. Dickson, S.P. Hesselbo, H.C. Jenkyns, M.J. Leng, T.A. Mather, M.S. Storm and W. Xu

Nature Geoscience
Nature Climate Change

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