New Papers 2016/10/17–2016/10/23 (AGU,EGU)

New Papers 2016/10/17–2016/10/23 (AGU,EGU)

1. On the limited ice intrusion in Alaska at the LGM
Marcus Löfverström, Johan Liakka

2. A Possible Precursor of the South China Sea Summer Monsoon Onset: Effect of the South Asian High
Boqi Liu, Congwen Zhu

3. Distinct Persistence Barriers in Two Types of ENSO
Hong-Li Ren, Fei-Fei Jin, Ben Tian, Adam A. Scaife

4. North American paleoclimate reconstructions for the last glacial maximum using an inverse-modeling through iterative-forward-modeling (IMIFM) approach applied to pollen data
Kenji Izumi, Patrick J. Bartlein

JGR: Oceans
5. Air pressure effects on sea level changes during the Twentieth Century
Christopher G. Piecuch, Philip R. Thompson, Kathleen A. Donohue

Climate of the past
6. Orbital control on the timing of oceanic anoxia in the Late Cretaceous
Sietske J. Batenburg, David De Vleeschouwer, Mario Sprovieri, Frederik J. Hilgen, Andrew S. Gale, Brad S. Singer, Christian Koeberl, Rodolfo Coccioni, Philippe Claeys, and Alessandro Montanari

GSA Bulletin
7. An Antarctic stratigraphic record of stepwise ice growth through the Eocene-Oligocene transition
Passchier, S., Ciarletta, D. J., Miriagos, T. E., Bijl, P. K., Bohaty, S. M.

8. Constraining the early Eocene climatic optimum: A terrestrial interhemispheric comparison
Hyland, E. G., Sheldon, N. D., Cotton, J. M. 

9. Limited impact of Quaternary glaciations on denudation rates in Central Asia
Puchol, N., Charreau, J., Blard, P.-H., Lave, J., Dominguez, S., Pik, R., Saint-Carlier, D., Team, A.

10. Asian monsoon modulation of nonsteady state diagenesis in hemipelagic marine sediments offshore of Japan
Liao Chang, Clara T. Bolton, Mark J. Dekkers, Akira Hayashida, David Heslop, Wout Krijgsman, Kazuto Kodama, Greig A. Paterson, Andrew P. Roberts, Eelco J. Rohling, Yuhji Yamamoto, Xiang Zhao

Global Biogeochemical Cycles

10/25 New Papers(Elsevier)

2016/10/13~24 New Papers(Elsevier)

Chemical Geology
1. Compound-specific carbon and nitrogen isotopic compositions of chlorophyll a and its derivatives reveal the eutrophication history of Lake Zurich (Switzerland)
Sebastian Naeher, Hisami Suga, Nanako O. Ogawa, Carsten J. Schubert, Kliti Grice, Naohiko Ohkouchi

2. Distributions and compound-specific isotopic signatures of sedimentary chlorins reflect the composition of photoautotrophic communities and their carbon and nitrogen sources in Swiss lakes and the Black Sea
Sebastian Naeher, Hisami Suga, Nanako O. Ogawa, Yoshinori Takano, Carsten J. Schubert, Kliti Grice, Naohiko Ohkouchi

3. Diagenetic alteration affecting δ18O, δ13C and 87Sr/86Sr signatures of carbonates: A case study on Cretaceous seep deposits from Yarlung-Zangbo Suture Zone, Tibet, China
Hongpeng Tong, Qinxian Wang, Jörn Peckmann, Yuncheng Cao, Linying Chen, Weide Zhou, Duofu Chen

Earth and Planetary Science Letters
4. Heterodynes dominate precipitation isotopes in the East Asian monsoon region, reflecting interaction of multiple climate factors
Elizabeth K. Thomas, Steven C. Clemens, Youbin Sun, Warren L. Prell, Yongsong Huang, Li Gao, Shannon Loomis, Guangshan Chen, Zhengyu Liu

5. Abrupt plant physiological changes in southern New Zealand at the termination of the Mi-1 event reflect shifts in hydroclimate and pCO2
Tammo Reichgelt, William J. D'Andrea, Bethany R.S. Fox

6. Interglacial responses of the southern Greenland ice sheet over the last 430,000 years determined using particle-size specific magnetic and isotopic tracers
Robert G. Hatfield, Alberto V. Reyes, Joseph S. Stoner, Anders E. Carlson, Brian L. Beard, Kelsey Winsor, Bethany Welke

7. A new boron isotope-pH calibration for Orbulina universa, with implications for understanding and accounting for ‘vital effects’
Michael J. Henehan, Gavin L. Foster, Helen C. Bostock, Rosanna Greenop, Brittney J. Marshall, Paul A. Wilson

8. How temperature-dependent elasticity alters host rock/magmatic reservoir models: A case study on the effects of ice-cap unloading on shallow volcanic systems
Richard R. Bakker, Marcel Frehner, Matteo Lupi

Palaeogeography, Paleoclimatology, Paleoecology
9. The Pliocene-Pleistocene transition had dual effects on North American migratory bird speciation
Shotaro Hirase, Yusuke Yokoyama, Cin-Ty Lee, Wataru Iwasaki

10. Sandy barrier overstepping and preservation linked to rapid sea level rise and geological setting
J.A.G. Cooper, A.N. Green, R.P. Meireles, A.H.F. Klein, J. Souza, E.E. Toldo

11. Extraordinary flood events and the response to monsoonal climatic change during the last 3000years along the middle Yangtze River valley, China
Yongqiang Guo, Chun Chang Huang, Yali Zhou, Jiangli Pang, Xiaochun Zha, Liang Zhou, Peini Mao

12. A loess record of pre-Late Wisconsin glacial outburst flooding, Pleistocene paleoenvironment, and Irvingtonian fauna from the Rulo site, southeastern Washington, USA
Nicholas E. Bader, Patrick K. Spencer, Alexandra S. Bailey, Karen M. Gastineau, Emily R. Tinkler, Christopher J. Pluhar, Bruce N. Bjornstad

13. Refining temperature reconstructions with the Atlantic coral Siderastrea siderea
Kristine L. DeLong, Christopher R. Maupin, Jennifer A. Flannery, Terrence M. Quinn, Chuan-Chou Shen

Quaternary International
14. Settlement behavior in the Kanto Plain during the Japanese Paleolithic based on lithic raw material procurement and consumption
Sadakatsu Kunitake

15. Group migration and cultural change following the Akahoya volcanic ashfall: Identifying the pottery production centers at the beginning of the Early Jomon period of Japan
Nobuyuki Ikeya

Quaternary Science Reviews
16. Sea level and ground water table depth (WTD): A biogeochemical pacemaker for glacial-interglacial cycling
S.A. Cowling

17. Unglaciated areas in East Antarctica during the Last Glacial (Marine Isotope Stage 3) – New evidence from Rauer Group
Sonja Berg, Duanne A. White, Ole Bennike, Réka-H. Fülöp, David Fink, Bernd Wagner, Martin Melles

18. Development of a new pan-European testate amoeba transfer function for reconstructing peatland palaeohydrology
Matthew J. Amesbury, Graeme T. Swindles, Anatoly Bobrov, Dan J. Charman, Joseph Holden, Mariusz Lamentowicz, Gunnar Mallon, Yuri Mazei, Edward A.D. Mitchell, Richard J. Payne, Thomas P. Roland, T. Edward Turner, Barry G. Warner

19. Alkenone-based reconstructions reveal four-phase Holocene temperature evolution for High Arctic Svalbard
Willem G.M. van der Bilt, William J. D'Andrea, Jostein Bakke, Nicholas L. Balascio, Johannes P. Werner, Marthe Gjerde, Raymond S. Bradley

Global and Planetary Change
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta
Marine Geology
Quaternary Geochronology
Quaternary Research

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New Papers (AGU,EGU, GSA) 10/10-10/16

Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems
1.     Subsea ice-bearing permafrost on the U.S. Beaufort Margin: 1. Minimum seaward extent defined from multichannel seismic reflection data
Laura L. Brothers, Bruce M. Herman, Patrick E. Hart, Carolyn D. Ruppel

2.     Subsea ice-bearing permafrost on the U.S. Beaufort Margin: 2. Borehole constraints
C. Ruppel, B. Herman, L. Brothers, P. Hart

Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans
3.     Observations of open-ocean deep convection in the northwestern Mediterranean Sea: Seasonal and interannual variability of mixing and deep water masses for the 2007–2013 period
L. Houpert, X. Durrieu de Madron, P. Testor, A. Bosse, F. D'Ortenzio, M.N. Bouin, D. Dausse, H. Le Goff, S. Kunesch, M. Labaste, L. Coppola, L. Mortier, P. Raimbault

Geophysical Research Letters
4.     An assessment of the radiative effects of ice supersaturation based on in-situ observations
Xiaoxiao Tan, Yi Huang, Minghui Diao, Aaron Bansemer, Mark A. Zondlo, Joshua P. DiGangi, Rainer Volkamer, Yongyun Hu

5.     Can reducing the incoming energy flux over the southern ocean in a CGCM improve its simulation of tropical climate?
Carlos R. Mechoso, Teresa Losada, Shunya Koseki, Elsa Mohino-Harris, Noel Keenlyside, Antonio Castaño-Tierno, Timothy A. Myers, Belen Rodriguez-Fonseca, Thomas Toniazzo

6.     New method of estimating temperatures near the mesopause region using meteor radar observations
Changsup Lee, Jeong-Han Kim, Geonhwa Jee, Wonseok Lee, In-Sun Song, Yong Ha Kim

7.     Cloud liquid water path and radiative feedbacks over the Southern Ocean
A. Bodas-Salcedo, T. Andrews, A. V. Karmalkar, M. A. Ringer

8.     On the limited ice intrusion in Alaska at the LGM
Marcus Löfverström, Johan Liakka

9.     A Possible Precursor of the South China Sea Summer Monsoon Onset: Effect of the South Asian High
Boqi Liu, Congwen Zhu

Climate of the Past
10.  Climatic and insolation control on the high-resolution total air content in the NGRIP ice core
Olivier Eicher, Matthias Baumgartner, Adrian Schilt, Jochen Schmitt, Jakob Schwander, Thomas F. Stocker, and Hubertus Fischer

11.  Comparison of surface mass balance of ice sheets simulated by positive-degree-day method and energy balance approach
Eva Bauer and Andrey Ganopolski

12.  Ocean carbon cycling during the past 130 000 years – a pilot study on inverse palaeoclimate record modelling
Christoph Heinze, Babette A. A. Hoogakker, and Arne Winguth

13.  Modelling the firn thickness evolution during the last deglaciation: constrains on sensitivity to temperature and impurities
Camille Bréant, Patricia Martinerie, Anaïs Orsi, Laurent Arnaud, and Amaëlle Landais

Geological Society of America Bulletin

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