2017/01/17 New Papers (Nature, Science, PNAS etc...)

1. Centuries of thermal sea-level rise due to anthropogenic emissions of short-lived greenhouse gases
Kirsten Zickfelda,1, Susan Solomonb,1, and Daniel M. Gilford

2. Hydroclimate changes across the Amazon lowlands over the past 45,000 years
Xianfeng Wang1,2, R. Lawrence Edwards3, Augusto S. Auler4, Hai Cheng3,5, Xinggong Kong6, yongjin Wang6, Francisco W. Cruz7, jeffrey A. Dorale8 & Hong-Wei Chiang1

3. RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS: Many collisions made the Moon
Nature Geosci. http://dx.doi.org/10.1038/ngeo2866 (2017)

Nature Geoscience
4. Moon formation: Punch combo or knock-out blow?
Gareth S. Collins
5. A multiple-impact origin for the Moon
Raluca Rufu1*, Oded Aharonson1 and Hagai B. Perets2

5. Local glaciation in West Greenland linked to North Atlantic Ocean circulation during the Holocene
Avriel D. Schweinsberg, Jason P. Briner, Gifford H. Miller, Ole Bennike, Elizabeth K. Thomas

6. Fossil forest reveals sunspot activity in the early Permian
Ludwig Luthardt, Ronny Rößler

7. Late Quaternary glacial dynamics and sedimentation variability in the Bering Trough, Gulf of Alaska
Aleksandr Montelli, Sean P.S. Gulick, Lindsay L. Worthington, Alan Mix, Maureen Davies-Walczak, Sarah D. Zellers, John M. Jaeger

Nature communications
Nature Climate Change


2017/01/17 New Papers(Elsevier)

New Papers(Elsevier)

Earth and Planetary Science Letters
1. Nacre tablet thickness records formation temperature in modern and fossil shells
Pupa U.P.A Gilbert, Kristin D. Bergmann, Corinne E. Myers, Matthew A. Marcus, Ross T. DeVol, Chang-Yu Sun, Adam Z. Blonsky, Erik Tamre, Jessica Zhao, Elizabeth A. Karan, Nobumichi Tamura, Sarah Lemer, Anthony J. Giuffre, Gonzalo Giribet, John M. Eiler, Andrew H. Knoll

2. The influence of true polar wander on glacial inception in North America
A. Daradich, P. Huybers, J.X. Mitrovica, N.-H. Chan, J. Austermann

Quaternary Geochronology
3. Calculation of the reservoir age from organic and carbonate fractions of sediments in the Gulf of Cariaco (Caribbean Sea)
Iliana Aguilar, Pierre Sabatier, Christian Beck, Franck Audemard, Christian Crouzet, Franco Urbani, Corina Campos

Quaternary International
4. Broken speleothems reveal Holocene and Late Pleistocene paleoearthquakes in Northern Calabria, Italy
Elisa Joy Kagan, Francesca Romana Cinti, Laura Alfonsi, Riccardo Civico, Miryam Bar-Matthews

5. Benthic foraminifera as indicators of relative sea-level fluctuations: Paleoenvironmental and paleoclimatic reconstruction of a Holocene marine succession (Calabria, south-eastern Tyrrhenian Sea)
C. Cosentino, F. Molisso, G. Scopelliti, A. Caruso, D.D. Insinga, C. Lubritto, F. Pepe, M. Sacchi

Quaternary Science Reviews
6. Lateglacial-Holocene abrupt vegetation changes at Lago Trifoglietti in Calabria, Southern Italy: The setting of ecosystems in a refugial zone
Jacques-Louis de Beaulieu, Elisabetta Brugiapaglia, Sébastien Joannin, Frédéric Guiter, Giovanni Zanchetta, Sabine Wulf, Odile Peyron, Liliana Bernardo, Julien Didier, Agnès Stock, Damien Rius, Michel Magny

Chemical Geology
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta
Global and Planetary Change
Marine Geology
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology
Quaternary Research

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New Papers 2016/12/12–2016/12/18 (Nature, Science, etc...)

New Papers 2016/12/12–2016/12/18 (Nature, Science, etc...)

1. Centennial-scale Holocene climate variations amplified by Antarctic Ice Sheet discharge
Pepijn Bakker,  Peter U. Clark,  Nicholas R. Golledge,  Andreas Schmittner & Michael E. Weber

Nature Climate Change
2. Glaciology: Vulnerable Antarctic ice shelves
Martin Siegert

3. Meltwater produced by wind–albedo interaction stored in an East Antarctic ice shelf
J. T. M. Lenaerts,  S. Lhermitte, R. Drews, S. R. M. Ligtenberg, S.Berger, V. Helm,  C. J. P. P. Smeets, M. R. van den Broeke, W. J. van de Berg,  E. van Meijgaard, M. Eijkelboom, O. Eisen  & F. Pattyn

4. Episode of intense chemical weathering during the termination of the 635 Ma Marinoan glaciation
Kang-Jun Huang, Fang-Zhen Teng, Bing Shen, Shuhai Xiao, Xianguo Lang, Hao-Ran Ma, Yong Fu, Yongbo Peng

Nature Geoscience
Nature Communication

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こんにちは! M1の尾崎です。

期間中は、横山先生の学生時代の指導教官であり古気候学の大家であるKurt Lambeck教授と、Lambeck先生の教え子であるTony Purcell博士の指導のもと、日本近海の最終氷期以降の海水準変動について研究しています。
また滞在中は、横山研主催のオーストラリア巡検の引率を長らく務めてくださっているPatrick De Deckker教授の家に住まわせていただいております。





2016/12/20 New Papers(AGU,etc.)

New Papers(AGU,EGU,GSA)

Climate of the past
1. Last Interglacial climate and sea-level evolution from a coupled ice sheet–climate model
Heiko Goelzer, Philippe Huybrechts, Marie-France Loutre, and Thierry Fichefet

2. Aromatic acids in a Eurasian Arctic ice core: a 3000-year proxy record of biomass burning
Mackenzie M. Grieman, Murat Aydin, Diedrich Fritzsche, Joseph R. McConnell, Thomas Opel, Michael Sigl, and Eric S. Saltzman

JGR: Earth Surface
3. Controls on Last Glacial Maximum ice extent in the Weddell Sea embayment, Antarctica
Pippa L. Whitehouse, Michael J. Bentley, Andreas Vieli, Stewart S. R. Jamieson, Andrew S. Hein, David E. Sugden

4. Water Isotope Diffusion in the WAIS Divide Ice Core During the Holocene and Last Glacial
T. R. Jones, K. M. Cuffey, J. W. C. White, E. J. Steig, C. Buizert, B. R. Markle, J. R. McConnell, M. Sigl 

5. Quantitative reconstruction of Holocene sea ice and sea surface temperature off West Greenland from the first regional diatom dataset
D. W. Krawczyk, A. Witkowski, M. Moros, J. M. Lloyd, J. L. Høyer, A. Miettinen, A. Kuijpers

Geophysical Research Letters
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems
Global Biogeochemical Cycles
GSA Bulletin
JGR: Oceans

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