2017/03/14 New Papers(AGU,etc.)

New Papers(AGU,EGU,GSA)

Climate of the past
1. An improved north–south synchronization of ice core records around the 41 kyr 10Be peak
Grant M. Raisbeck, Alexandre Cauquoin, Jean Jouzel, Amaelle Landais, Jean-Robert Petit, Vladimir Y. Lipenkov, Juerg Beer, Hans-Arno Synal, Hans Oerter, Sigfus J. Johnsen, Jorgen P. Steffensen, Anders Svensson, and Françoise Yiou

JGR: Oceans
2. Flow paths and variability of the North Atlantic Current: A comparison of observations and a high-resolution model
Tilia Breckenfelder, Monika Rhein, Achim Roessler, Claus W. Böning, Arne Biastoch, Erik Behrens, Christian Mertens

3. Validation of sea ice models using an uncertainty-based distance metric for multiple model variables
Jorge R. Urrego-Blanco, Elizabeth C. Hunke, Nathan M. Urban, Nicole Jeffery, Adrian K. Turner, James R. Langenbrunner, Jane M. Booker

Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems
4. Lithospheric thickness estimation beneath Northwestern South America from an S-wave Receiver Function analysis
J. Faustino Blanco, Carlos A. Vargas, Gaspar Monsalve

5. Two-layered oceanic lithospheric mantle in a Tibetan ophiolite produced by episodic subduction of Tethyan slabs
Qing Xiong, William L. Griffin, Jian-Ping Zheng, Norman J. Pearson, Suzanne Y. O'Reilly

6. Sub-ice shelf sediment geochronology utilizing novel radiocarbon methodology for detrital-rich sediments
C. Subt, H. I. Yoon, K. C. Yoo, J. I. Lee, A. Leventer, E.W. Domack, B. E. Rosenheim

Geophysical Research Letters
Global Biogeochemical Cycles
GSA Bulletin

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