Love and Hate Relationship with RNA

Hi, all!

It's Tomo. Let me report my 10 day stay at National Institute of Technology, Okinawa college. First off, I'm really thankful for Dr. Iguchi, Yoshioka-kun, Dr. Oono & Miyasato-san for all the kindness and warmness. I cant appreciate more!! Also I'm grateful for Dr. Yokoyama for sending me to this research trip!

I conducted molecular biology experiments using coral RNA. I have been investigating why coral skeletal Sr/Ca is much more robust proxy than Mg/Ca and currently wrapping up my dissertation.

I have conducted the experiments using the machine called real time PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction). With this machine, I tried to compare the RNA expressions of Mg transporter from two different coral samples.

A lot of 1.5ml tubes prepared for the experiments! 

Ice is definitely needed for this experiment to keep everything cool.

Samples were amplified to estimate RNA expressions.

Dinner with everybody :)

By the way, PCR was invented by Kary Mulis, and he received Nobel Prize in 1993.
The first time I learned about PCR, I was really impressed by how he came up with this incredible logic of PCR: It is such a simple and beautiful theory that hit Kary while he was driving at night with his girlfriend ;)

It seems that good idea can be often born even when you are outside of a laboratory. That is to say, creative mind is relaxed mind. Well, I guess I better try not to stress myself to finish my Ph.D to stay creative and productive.

Kindly, Dr. Iguchi took us out for dinner, and it was very yummy! Good local food and great conversation with everybody always facilitates my research. Dr. Iguchi suggested we should have a 5 year life plan, and I hope to teach and research happily in 5 years.