2016/12/20 New Papers(AGU,etc.)

New Papers(AGU,EGU,GSA)

Climate of the past
1. Last Interglacial climate and sea-level evolution from a coupled ice sheet–climate model
Heiko Goelzer, Philippe Huybrechts, Marie-France Loutre, and Thierry Fichefet

2. Aromatic acids in a Eurasian Arctic ice core: a 3000-year proxy record of biomass burning
Mackenzie M. Grieman, Murat Aydin, Diedrich Fritzsche, Joseph R. McConnell, Thomas Opel, Michael Sigl, and Eric S. Saltzman

JGR: Earth Surface
3. Controls on Last Glacial Maximum ice extent in the Weddell Sea embayment, Antarctica
Pippa L. Whitehouse, Michael J. Bentley, Andreas Vieli, Stewart S. R. Jamieson, Andrew S. Hein, David E. Sugden

4. Water Isotope Diffusion in the WAIS Divide Ice Core During the Holocene and Last Glacial
T. R. Jones, K. M. Cuffey, J. W. C. White, E. J. Steig, C. Buizert, B. R. Markle, J. R. McConnell, M. Sigl 

5. Quantitative reconstruction of Holocene sea ice and sea surface temperature off West Greenland from the first regional diatom dataset
D. W. Krawczyk, A. Witkowski, M. Moros, J. M. Lloyd, J. L. Høyer, A. Miettinen, A. Kuijpers

Geophysical Research Letters
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems
Global Biogeochemical Cycles
GSA Bulletin
JGR: Oceans

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