New Papers(Elsevier) 2017/5/15~5/28

Palaeogeography, Paleoclimatology, Paleoecology
1. Miocene (Burdigalian) seawater and air temperatures estimated from the geochemistry of fossil remains from the Aquitaine Basin, France
Jean Goedert, Romain Amiot, Florent Arnaud-Godet, Gilles Cuny, François Fourel, Jean-Alexis Hernandez, Ulysse Pedreira-Segade, Christophe Lécuyer

2. How Large Igneous Provinces affect global climate, sometimes cause mass extinctions, and represent natural markers in the geological record
Richard E. Ernst, Nasrrddine Youbi

Chemical Geology
3. Skeletal growth controls on Mg/Ca and P/Ca ratios in tropical Eastern Pacific rhodoliths (coralline red algae)
Hillary R. Sletten, David P. Gillikin, Jochen Halfar, C. Fred T. Andrus, Héctor M. Guzmán

4. Branched GDGT-based paleotemperature reconstruction of the last 30,000 years in humid monsoon region of Southeast China
Mengyuan Wang, Zhuo Zheng, Meiling Man, Jianfang Hu, Quanzhou Gao

Quaternary International
5. Late Glacial and Holocene sequences in rockshelters and adjacent wetlands of Northern Bohemia, Czech Republic: Correlation of environmental and archaeological records
Jiří Svobodaa, Petr Pokorný, Ivan Horáček, Sandra Sázelová, Vojtěch Abraham, Michaela Divišová, Martin Ivanov, Radka Kozáková, Jan Novák, Martin Novák, Petr Šída, Angela Perri

6. Late Pleistocene and mid-Holocene climate change derived from a Florida speleothem
Philip van Beynen, Jason S. Polk, Yemane Asmerom, Victor Polyak

7. The dialectic between deciduous and coniferous forests in central Iberia: A palaeoenvironmental perspective during the late Holocene in the Gredos range
Sandra Robles-López, Aitor Fernández Martín-Consuegra, Sebastián Pérez-Díaz, Francisca Alba-Sánchez, Nils Broothaerts, Daniel Abel-Schaad, José Antonio López-Sáez

8. Quantitative reconstruction of paleoclimate in central Japan for the past 158,000 years based on a modern analogue technique of pollen composition
Tomohiko Kigoshi, Fujio Kumon, Sayuri Kawai, Atsuko Kanauchi

9. Late Quaternary relative humidity changes from Mt. Kilimanjaro, based on a coupled 2H-18O biomarker paleohygrometer approach
Johannes Hepp, Roland Zech, Kazimierz Rozanski, Mario Tuthorn, Bruno Glaser, Markus Greule, Frank Keppler, Yongsong Huang, Wolfgang Zech, Michael Zech

Earth and Planetary Science Letters 
10. Late Quaternary climatic forcing on the terrigenous supply in the northern South China Sea: Input from magnetic studies
Quan Chen, Catherine Kissel, Zhifei Liu

11. The effect of ocean alkalinity and carbon transfer on deep-sea carbonate ion concentration during the past five glacial cycles
Joanna Kerr, Rosalind Rickaby, Jimin Yu, Henry Elderfield, Aleksey Yu. Sadekov

12. Debris-covered glacier anomaly? Morphological factors controlling changes in the mass balance, surface area, terminus position, and snow line altitude of Himalayan glaciers
Franco Salerno, Sudeep Thakuri, Gianni Tartari, Takayuki Nuimura, Sojiro Sunako, Akiko Sakai, Koji Fujita

13. Export production in the New-Zealand region since the Last Glacial Maximum
Axel Durand, Zanna Chase, Taryn L. Noble, Helen Bostock, Samuel L. Jaccard, Priya Kitchener, Ashley T. Townsend, Nils Jansen, Les Kinsley, Geraldine Jacobsen, Sean Johnson, Helen Neil

14. Glacial/interglacial changes of Southern Hemisphere wind circulation from the geochemistry of South American dust
Stefania Gili, Diego M. Gaiero, Steven L. Goldstein, Farid Chemale Jr., Jason Jweda, Michael R. Kaplan, Raúl A. Becchio, Edinei Koester

Quaternary Science Reviews
15. Early last glacial intra-interstadial climate variability recorded in a Sardinian speleothem
Andrea Columbu, Russell Drysdale, Emilie Capron, Jon Woodhead, Jo De Waele, Laura Sanna, John Hellstrom, Petra Bajo

16. Causes of dust size variability in central East Antarctica (Dome B): Atmospheric transport from expanded South American sources during Marine Isotope Stage 2
Barbara Delmonte, Chiara Ileana Paleari, Sergio Andò, Eduardo Garzanti, Per Sune Andersson, Jean Robert Petit, Xavier Crosta, Biancamaria Narcisi, Carlo Baroni, Maria Cristina Salvatore, Giovanni Baccolo, Valter Maggi

17. Paleoenvironmental and paleoclimatic context during the Upper Palaeolithic (late Upper Pleistocene) in the Italian Peninsula. The small mammal record from Grotta Paglicci (Rignano Garganico, Foggia, Southern Italy)
Claudio Berto, Paolo Boscato, Francesco Boschin, Elisa Luzi, Annamaria Ronchitelli

18. Wisconsinan and early Holocene glacial dynamics of Cumberland Peninsula, Baffin Island, Arctic Canada
Annina Margret, John C. Gosse, Arthur S. Dyke

19. Strong altitudinal control on the response of local glaciers to Holocene climate change in southwest Greenland
Nicolaj K. Larsen, Astrid Strunk, Laura B. Levy, Jesper Olsen, Anders Bjørk, Torben L. Lauridsen, Erik Jeppesen, Thomas A. Davidson

20. A 50,000 year insect record from Rancho La Brea, Southern California: Insights into past climate and fossil deposition
Anna R. Holden, John R. Southon, Kipling Will, Matthew E. Kirby, Rolf L. Aalbu, Molly J. Markey

21. Impacts of ENSO on multi-scale variations in sediment discharge from the Pearl River to the South China Sea
Feng Liu, Hui Chen, Huayang Cai, Xiangxin Luo, Suying Ou, , Qingshu Yang

Journal of Climate
22. Are glacials dry? Consequences for paleoclimatology and for greenhouse warming
Jacob Scheff, Richard Seager, and Haibo Liu

Marine Geology
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta
Quaternary Geochronology
Quaternary Research
Global and Planetary Change 
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