New Papers(AGU,EGU,GSA) 2017/12/25~31

New Papers(AGU,EGU,GSA) 2017/12/25~31

JGR: Oceans
1. Physical and Biological Drivers of Biogeochemical Tracers Within the Seasonal Sea Ice Zone of the Southern Ocean From Profiling Floats
Ellen M. Briggs, Todd R. Martz, Lynne D. Talley, Matthew R. Mazloff, Kenneth S. Johnson

2. The Effect of Alongcoast Advection on Pacific Northwest Shelf and Slope Water Properties in Relation to Upwelling Variability
Hally B. Stone, Neil S. Banas, Parker MacCready

Geophysical Research Letters
3. Current and future decadal trends in the oceanic carbon uptake are dominated by internal variability
Hongmei Li, Tatiana Ilyina

Climate of the past
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems
Global Biogeochemical Cycles
GSA Bulletin

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