New papers 2018/4/23–4/29 (Elsevier)

New papers 2018/4/23–4/29 (Elsevier)

Chemical Geology
1.     Relationship between river water chemistry and shell chemistry of two tropical African freshwater bivalve species
Zita Kelemen, David P. Gillikin, Steven Bouillon

2.     Rapid measurement of strontium in speleothems using core-scanning micro X-ray fluorescence
Nick Scroxton, Stephen Burns, Pete Dawson, J. Michael Rhodes, Kaylee Brent, David McGee, Henk Heijnis, Patricia Gadd, Wahyoe Hantoro, Mike Gagan

Earth and Planetary Science Letters
3.     Tropical Indo-Pacific hydroclimate response to North Atlantic forcing during the last deglaciation as recorded by a speleothem from Sumatra, Indonesia
Jennifer B. Wurtzel, Nerilie J. Abram, Sophie C. Lewis, Petra Bajo, John C. Hellstrom, Ulrike Troitzsch, David Heslop

4.     Transition from a warm and dry to a cold and wet climate in NE China across the Holocene
Yanhong Zheng, Richard D. Pancost, B. David A. Naafs, Qiyuan Li, Zhao Liu, Huan Yang

Global and Planetary Change
5.     200,000years of monsoonal history recorded on the lower Bengal Fan - strong response to insolation forcing
Michael E. Weber, Hendrik Lantzsch, Petra Dekens, Supriyo K. Das, Brendan T. Reilly, Yasmina M. Martos, Carsten Meyer-Jacob, Sandip Agrahari, Alf Ekblad, Jürgen Titschack

Marine Geology
6.     High-resolution radiocarbon records trace episodes of Zoophycos burrowing
Kevin Küssner, Michael Sarnthein, Frank Lamy, Ralf Tiedemann

7.     Identification of tsunami deposits using a combination of radiometric dating and oxygen-isotope profiles of articulated bivalves
A. Kitamura, M. Ito, S. Sakai, Y. Yokoyama, Y. Miyairi

Quaternary International
8.     The climatic control of sedimentary environment changes during the Weichselian – An example from the Middle Vistula Region (eastern Poland)
Paweł Zieliński, Robert J. Sokołowski, Michał Jankowski, Karol Standzikowski, Stanisław Fedorowicz

9.     Assessment of the dominant climatic factor affecting pedogenic development in eolian sequences during the Holocene in arid central Asia
Fuyuan Gao, Jia Jia, Dunsheng Xia, Youjun Wang

10.  The Little Ice Age and human-environmental interactions in the Central Balkans: Insights from a new Serbian paleorecord
Charuta Kulkarni, Dorothy, M. Peteet, Rebecca Boger

11.  A Bronze Age palaeoenvironmental reconstruction from the Fondi basin, southern Lazio, central Italy
Marieke Doorenbosch, Michael H. Field

12.  Holocene surface hydroclimate changes in the Indo-Pacific warm pool
Ziye Li, Min-Te Chen, Da-Cheng Lin, Houjie Wang, Xuefa Shi, Shengfa Liu, Yusuke Yokoyama, Masanobu Yamamoto, Chuan-Chou Shen, Horng-Sheng Mii

13.  The environment of the Early Iron Age at the southern fringe of the forest zone of the Russian plain
Alexander Makeev, Elena Aseyeva, Alexey Rusakov, Ksenia Sorokina, Tatiana Puzanova, Olga Khokhlova, Pavel Kust, Fatima Kurbanova, Timofey Chernov, Olga Kutovaya, Marina Lebedeva, Evgeniy Mihailov

14.  The linkages with fires, vegetation composition and human activity in response to climate changes in the Chinese Loess Plateau during the Holocene
Zhihai Tan, Yongming Han, Junji Cao, Chun Chang Huang, Longjiang Mao, Zhao Liu, Zhisheng An

15.  A long arid interlude in the Indian summer monsoon during 4,350 to 3,450 cal. yr BP contemporaneous to displacement of the Indus valley civilization
Som Dutt, Anil K. Gupta, Bernd Wünnemann, Dada Yan

16.  The first bone tools from Kromdraai and stone tools from Drimolen, and the place of bone tools in the South African Earlier Stone Age
Rhiannon C. Stammers, Matthew V. Caruana, Andy I. R. Herries

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