New Papers 2018/5/28-6/3 (AGU, EGU, GSA)

New Papers 2018/5/28-6/3 (AGU, EGU, GSA)

Climate of the Past
1.     Placing the Common Era in a Holocene context: millennial to centennial patterns and trends in the hydroclimate of North America over the past 2000 years
Bryan N. Shuman, Cody Routson, Nicholas McKay, Sherilyn Fritz, Darrell Kaufman, Matthew E. Kirby, Connor Nolan, Gregory T. Pederson, and Jeannine-Marie St-Jacques

2.     Long-term variability of droughts in the Czech Lands and large-scale climate drivers
Jiří Mikšovský, Rudolf Brázdil, Miroslav Trnka, and Petr Pišoft

3.     The importance of snow albedo for ice sheet evolution over the last glacial cycle
Matteo Willeit and Andrey Ganopolski

4.     The Effects of Younger Dryas Orbital Parameter and Atmospheric pCO2 Changes on Radiative Forcing and African Monsoonal Circulation
Taylor M. Hughlett, Arne M. E. Winguth, and Nan Rosenbloom

5.     A statistical method to validate reconstructions of late-glacial relative sea level – Application to shallow water shells rated as low-grade sea-level indicators
Milena Latinović, Volker Klemann, Christopher Irrgang, Meike Bagge, Sebastian Specht, and Maik Thomas

Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems
Geophysical Research Letters
Journal of Geophysical Research C. Oceans
Geological Society of America Bulletin

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