New papers 2018/6/25-7/1 (Nature, Science, etc…)

Nature communications
1. Southern Hemisphere westerlies as a driver of the early deglacial atmospheric CO2 rise
L. Menviel, P. Spence, J. Yu, M. A. Chamberlain, R. J. Matear, K. J. Meissner & M. H. England

2. Oxygen isotope composition of the Phanerozoic ocean and a possible solution to the dolomite problem
Uri Ryb and John M. Eiler

Nature Climate Change
3.Partitioning global land evapotranspiration using CMIP5 models constrained by observations
Xu Lian, Shilong Piao, Chris Huntingford, Yue Li, Zhenzhong Zeng, Xuhui Wang, Philippe Ciais, Tim R. McVicar, Shushi Peng, Catherine Ottlé, Hui Yang, Yuting Yang, Yongqiang Zhang & Tao Wang

4.   Partitioning global land evapotranspiration using CMIP5 models constrained by observations
T. Pico  J.X. Mitrovica  J. Braun  K.L. Ferrier

5.Effects of Miocene–Pliocene global climate changes on continental sedimentation: A case study from the southern Central Andes
Andrea Stevens Goddard  Barbara Carrapa

6.   Ongoing bedrock incision of the Fortymile River driven by Pliocene–Pleistocene Yukon River capture, eastern Alaska, USA, and Yukon, Canada
Adrian M. Bender  Richard O. Lease  Lee B. Corbett  Paul Bierman  Marc W. Caffee

7.   Highstands and overflow history of glacial Lake Chicago and downstream impacts on Gulf of Mexico δ 18 O values
B. Brandon Curry  A.R. Bruegger  J.L. Conroy

8.   Contrasting river incision in north and south Tian Shan piedmonts due to variable glacial imprint in mountain valleys
Luca C. Malatesta  Jean-Philippe Avouac

9. Evidence of a large δ 13 C carb and δ 13 C org depth gradient for deep-water anoxia during the late Cambrian SPICE event
Dandan Li  Xiaolin Zhang  Dongping Hu  Xiaoyan Chen  Wei Huang  Xu Zhang  Menghan Li  Liping Qin Shanchi Peng  Yanan Shen               

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