2017/01/17 New Papers (Nature, Science, PNAS etc...)

1. Centuries of thermal sea-level rise due to anthropogenic emissions of short-lived greenhouse gases
Kirsten Zickfelda,1, Susan Solomonb,1, and Daniel M. Gilford

2. Hydroclimate changes across the Amazon lowlands over the past 45,000 years
Xianfeng Wang1,2, R. Lawrence Edwards3, Augusto S. Auler4, Hai Cheng3,5, Xinggong Kong6, yongjin Wang6, Francisco W. Cruz7, jeffrey A. Dorale8 & Hong-Wei Chiang1

3. RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS: Many collisions made the Moon
Nature Geosci. http://dx.doi.org/10.1038/ngeo2866 (2017)

Nature Geoscience
4. Moon formation: Punch combo or knock-out blow?
Gareth S. Collins
5. A multiple-impact origin for the Moon
Raluca Rufu1*, Oded Aharonson1 and Hagai B. Perets2

5. Local glaciation in West Greenland linked to North Atlantic Ocean circulation during the Holocene
Avriel D. Schweinsberg, Jason P. Briner, Gifford H. Miller, Ole Bennike, Elizabeth K. Thomas

6. Fossil forest reveals sunspot activity in the early Permian
Ludwig Luthardt, Ronny Rößler

7. Late Quaternary glacial dynamics and sedimentation variability in the Bering Trough, Gulf of Alaska
Aleksandr Montelli, Sean P.S. Gulick, Lindsay L. Worthington, Alan Mix, Maureen Davies-Walczak, Sarah D. Zellers, John M. Jaeger

Nature communications
Nature Climate Change