New Papers 2017/01/09–2017/01/15 (AGU,EGU)

New Papers 2017/01/09–2017/01/15 (AGU,EGU)

1. Mid-latitude land surface temperature impacts the timing and structure of glacial maxima
Elizabeth K. Thomas,Steven C. Clemens, Youbin Sun, Yongsong Huang, Warren Prell, Guangshan Chen, Zhengyu Liu, Shannon Loomis

JGR: Oceans
2. Community production modulates coral reef pH and the sensitivity of ecosystem calcification to ocean acidification
Thomas M. DeCarlo, Anne L. Cohen, George T.F. Wong, Fuh-Kwo Shiah, Steven J. Lentz, Kristen A. Davis, Kathryn E.F. Shamberger, Pat Lohmann

Climate of the past
3. Ground-ice stable isotopes and cryostratigraphy reflect late Quaternary palaeoclimate in the Northeast Siberian Arctic (Oyogos Yar coast, Dmitry Laptev Strait)
Thomas Opel1,a, Sebastian Wetterich1, Hanno Meyer1, Alexander Yu. Dereviagin2, Margret C. Fuchs3, and Lutz Schirrmeister1

4. The Plio-Pleistocene climatic evolution as a consequence of orbital forcing on the carbon cycle
Didier Paillard

Global Biogeochemical Cycles
GSA Bulletin

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