2017/08/01 New Papers(Elsevier)

New Papers(Elsevier)

Chemical Geology
Influence of exchangeable oxygen on biogenic silica oxygen isotope data
Anthony J. Menicucci, Howard J. Spero, Joy Matthews, Sanjai J. Parikh

Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta
Reassessment of the 13C/12C and 14C/12C isotopic fractionation ratio and its impact on high-precision radiocarbon dating
Simon M. Fahrni, John R. Southon, Guaciara M. Santos, Sanne W.L. Palstra, Harro A.J. Meijer, Xiaomei Xu

Uranium uptake history, open-system behaviour and uranium-series ages of fossil Tridacna gigas from Huon Peninsula, Papua New Guinea
Bridget F. Ayling, Stephen Eggins, Malcolm T. McCulloch, John Chappell, Rainer Grün, Graham Mortimer

Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology
Oxygen stable isotopic disparities among sympatric small land snail species from northwest Minnesota, USA
Yurena Yanes, Jeffrey C. Nekola, Jason A. Rech, Jeffrey S. Pigati

A low seasonality scenario in the Mediterranean Sea during the Calabrian (Early Pleistocene) inferred from fossil Arctica islandica shells
Gotje von Leesen, Lars Beierlein, Daniele Scarponi, Bernd R. Schöne, Thomas Brey

Quaternary International
Late Quaternary optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) chronology and environmental changes in the Hobq Desert, northern China
Yantian Xu, Zhongping Lai, Tianyuan Chen, Songlin Gong

Evidence for a Younger Dryas deglaciation in the Galicica Mountains (FYROM) from cosmogenic 36Cl
Raphael Gromig, Silke Mechernich, Adriano Ribolini, Bernd Wagner, Giovanni Zanchetta, Ilaria Isola, Monica Bini, Tibor J. Dunai

Quaternary Science Reviews
Timing of last deglaciation in the Cantabrian Mountains (Iberian Peninsula; North Atlantic Region) based on in situ-produced 10Be exposure dating
Laura Rodríguez-Rodríguez, Montserrat Jiménez-Sánchez, María José Domínguez-Cuesta, Vincent Rinterknecht, Raimon Pallàs

Depositional evolution of the Lower Khuzestan plain (SW Iran) since the end of the Late Pleistocene
Frieda Bogemans, Rindert Janssens, Cecile Baeteman

Late Pleistocene-Holocene vegetation and climate change in the Middle Kalahari, Lake Ngami, Botswana
Carlos E. Cordova, Louis Scott, Brian M. Chase, Manuel Chevalier

Glacial to Holocene changes in sea surface temperature and seawater δ18O in the northern Indian Ocean
Tabish Raza, Syed Masood Ahmad, Stephan Steinke, Waseem Raza, Mahjoor Ahmad Lone, Santosh Kumar Beja, Gorti Suseela

Relative sea-level changes and glacio-isostatic adjustment on the Magdalen Islands archipelago (Atlantic Canada) from MIS 5 to the late Holocene
Audrey M. Rémillard, Guillaume St-Onge, Pascal Bernatchez, Bernard Hétu, Jan-Pieter Buylaert, Andrew S. Murray, Patrick Lajeunesse

Sensitivity of Last Interglacial sea-level high stands to ice sheet configuration during Marine Isotope Stage 6
S. Dendy, J. Austermann, J.R. Creveling, J.X. Mitrovica

Earth and Planetary Science Letters
Global and Planetary Change
Marine Geology
Quaternary Geochronology
Quaternary Research

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