2017/08/29 New papers (AGU, EGU, GSA)

Climate of the past
1. Application of an ice sheet model to evaluate PMIP3 LGM climatologies over the North American ice sheets 
Jay R. Alder and Steve W. Hostetler

2. The C32 alkane-1,15-diol as a proxy of late Quaternary riverine input in coastal margins 
Julie Lattaud1, Denise Dorhout1, Hartmut Schulz2, Isla S. Castañeda1,a, Enno Schefuß3, Jaap S. Sinninghe Damsté1,4, and Stefan Schouten1,4

3. A revised Law Dome age model (LD2017) and implications for last glacial climate 
Jason Roberts1,2, Andrew Moy1,2, Christopher Plummer2,3, Tas van Ommen1,2, Mark Curran1,2, Tessa Vance2, Samuel Poynter2, Yaping Liu4, Joel Pedro5, Adam Treverrow2, Carly Tozer2,6, Lenneke Jong2,3, Pippa Whitehouse7, Laetitia Loulergue8, Jerome Chappellaz8, Vin Morgan1,2, Renato Spahni9, Adrian Schilt9, Cecilia MacFarling Meure10, David Etheridge10, and Thomas Stocker9

4. Underlying causes of Eurasian mid-continental aridity in simulations of mid-Holocene climate
Patrick J. Bartlein1, Sandy P. Harrison2 and Kenji Izumi1,3,4

5. Uncertainty in regional temperatures inferred from sparse global observations: application to a probabilistic classification of El Niño†
Maryam Ilyas, Christopher M. Brierley, Serge Guillas

6. Bathymetric control of warm ocean water access along the East Antarctic Margin
F. O. Nitsche, D. Porter, G. Williams, E. A. Cougnon, A. D. Fraser, R. Correia, R. Guerrero

7. Detection of Sea Level Fingerprints derived from GRACE gravity data.
Chia-Wei Hsu, Isabella Velicogna

8. Viscoelastic lower crust and mantle relaxation following the 14-16 April 2016 Kumamoto, Japan, earthquake sequence†
Fred F. Pollitz, Tomokazu Kobayashi, Hiroshi Yarai, Bunichiro Shibazaki, Takumi Matsumoto

Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems

 Global biogeochemical cycles