New Papers 11/27 – 12/3 ,2017 (AGU)

 New Papers (AGU 11/27 – 12/3 ,2017)

Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems
1. Environmental Controls on Mg/Ca in Neogloboquadrina incompta: A CoreTop Study From the Subpolar North Atlantic
Audrey Morley, Tali L. Babila, James Wright, Ulysses Ninnemann, Kikki Kleiven, Nil Irvali, Yair Rosenthal

2. Bay of Bengal Exhibits Warming Trend During the Younger Dryas: Implications of AMOC
Champoungam Panmei, Pothuri Divakar Naidu, Mahyar Mohtadi

3. Sedimentary Mercury Enrichments as a Marker for Submarine Large Igneous Province Volcanism? Evidence From the MidCenomanian Event and Oceanic Anoxic Event 2 (Late Cretaceous)
J. D. Scaife, M. Ruhl, A. J. Dickson, T. A. Mather, H. C. Jenkyns, L. M. E. Percival, S. P. Hesselbo, J. Cartwright, J. S. Eldrett, S. C. Bergman, et al

Geophysical Research Letters
4. Evolving Impacts of Multiyear La Niña Events on Atmospheric Circulation and U.S. Drought
Yuko M. Okumura, Pedro DiNezio, Clara Deser

5. Permafrost Organic Carbon Mobilization From the Watershed to the Colville River Delta: Evidence From 14C Ramped Pyrolysis and Lignin Biomarkers
Xiaowen Zhang, Thomas S. Bianchi, Xingqian Cui, Brad E. Rosenheim, ChienLu Ping, Andrea J. M. Hanna, Mikhail Kanevskiy, Kathryn M. Schreiner, Mead A. Allison

6. Strong Relations Between ENSO and the Arctic Oscillation in the North American Multimodel Ensemble
Michelle L. L'Heureux, Michael K. Tippett, Arun Kumar, Amy H. Butler, Laura M. Ciasto, Qinghua Ding, Kirstin J. Harnos, Nathaniel C. Johnson


7. MidPiacenzian Variability of Nordic Seas Surface Circulation Linked to Terrestrial Climatic Change in Norway
Sina Panitz, Stijn De Schepper, Ulrich Salzmann, Paul E. Bachem, Bjørg Risebrobakken, Caroline Clotten, Emma P. Hocking

8. Sea Surface Temperatures in the Eastern Equatorial Pacific and Surface Temperatures in the Eastern Cordillera of Colombia during El Niño: Implications for Pliocene Conditions
Lina C. PérezAngel, Peter Molnar