2016/11/22 New Papers(Nature, etc.)


1. Tidal evolution of the Moon from a high-obliquity, high-angular-momentum Earth
Matija Ćuk, Douglas P. Hamilton, Simon J. Lock & Sarah T. Stewart

Nature Geoscience
2. Rapid mantle-driven uplift along the Angolan margin in the late Quaternary
R. T. Walker, M. Telfer, R. L. Kahle, M. W. Dee, B. Kahle, J.-L. Schwenninger, R. A. Sloan & A. B. Watts

3. Marine methane paradox explained by bacterial degradation of dissolved organic matter
Daniel J. Repeta, Sara Ferrón, Oscar A. Sosa, Carl G. Johnson, Lucas D. Repeta, Marianne Acker, Edward F. DeLong & David M. Karl

4. Breathing more deeply: Deep ocean carbon storage during the mid-Pleistocene climate transition
Caroline H. Lear, Katharina Billups, Rosalind E.M. Rickaby, Liselotte Diester-Haass, Elaine M. Mawbey, Sindia M. Sosdian

5. Transitions in coral reef accretion rates linked to intrinsic ecological shifts on turbid-zone nearshore reefs
Kyle M. Morgan, Chris T. Perry, Scott G. Smithers, Jamie A. Johnson, Pauline Gulliver

Nature Climate Change
Nature Communication

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