2017/04/18 New Papers(AGU,etc.)

New Papers (AGU, EGU, GSA, etc) 2017/4/10~4/16
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems
1.    Paleoenvironment change and its impact on carbon and nitrogen accumulation in the Zoige wetland, northeastern Qinghai–Tibetan Plateau over the past 14,000 years
Mengxiu Zeng, Cheng Zhu, Yougui Song, Chunmei Ma, Zhenjing Yang

Climate of the past
2.    Pseudo-proxy evaluation of Climate Field Reconstruction methods of North Atlantic climate based on an annually resolved marine proxy network Maria Pyrina, Sebastian Wagner, and Eduardo Zorita

3.    Carbon mineralization in Laptev and East Siberian Sea shelf and slope sediment Volker Brüchert, Lisa Bröder, Joanna E. Sawicka, Tommaso Tesi, Samantha P. Joye, Xiaole Sun, Igor P. Semiletov, and Vladimir A. Samarkin

4.    The potential of tree-ring cellulose content as a novel supplementary proxy in dendroclimatology Malin M. Ziehmer, Kurt Nicolussi, Christian Schlüchter, and Markus Leuenberger

Journal of Climate
5.    Using high-resolution reanalysis data to explore localized western North America hydroclimate relationships with ENSO Joshua P. Heyer, Simon C. Brewer, and Jacqueline J. Shinker

Global Biogeochemical Cycles
JGR: Oceans
GSA Bulletin
Geophysical Research Letters

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