New papers (Nature, Science, etc…) 17-23 April, 2017

New papers (Nature, Science, etc…)
17-23 April, 2017

Nature Geoscience
1. Inland thinning on the Greenland ice sheet controlled by outlet glacier geometry
Denis Felikson, Timothy C. Bartholomaus, Ginny A. Catania, Niels J. Korsgaard, Kurt H. Kjær

2.River piracy and drainage basin reorganization led by climate-driven glacier retreat
Daniel H. Shugar, John J. Clague, James L. Best, Christian Schoof

3. Adapt to more wildfire in western North American forests as climate changes
Tania Schoennagela, Jennifer K. Balch

4.Intensifying postfire weather and biological invasion drive species loss in a Mediterranean-type biodiversity hotspot
Jasper A. Slingsbya, Cory Merow, Matthew Aiello-Lammens, Nicky Allsopp

Geology Pre-Issue Publication
Nature Climate Change
Nature Communications

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