2017/06/06 New Papers(Elsevier)

New Papers(Elsevier) 2017/05/29~06/04

Earth and Planetary Science Letters
1. The uppermost mantle seismic velocity and viscosity structure of central West Antarctica
J.P. O'Donnell, K. Selway, A.A. Nyblade, R.A. Brazier, D.A. Wiens, S. Anandakrishnan, R.C. Aster, A.D. Huerta, T. Wilson, J.P. Winberry

2. Deglacial and Holocene sea–ice variability north of Iceland and response to ocean circulation changes
Xiaotong Xiao, Meixun Zhao, Karen Luise Knudsen, Longbin Sha, Jón Eiríksson, Esther Gudmundsdóttir, Hui Jiang, Zhigang Guo

3. Ocean forcing of Ice Sheet retreat in central west Greenland from LGM to the early Holocene
Anne E. Jennings, John T. Andrews, Colm Ó Cofaigh, Guillaume St. Onge, Christina Sheldon, Simon T. Belt, Patricia Cabedo-Sanz, Claude Hillaire-Marcel

Marine Geology
4. Submarine Landforms and Glacimarine Sedimentary Processes in Lomfjorden, East Spitsbergen
Katharina Streuff, Colm Ó Cofaigh, Riko Noormets, Jeremy Lloyd

5. Sea-level change and super storms; geologic evidence from late last interglacial (MIS 5e) in Bahamas and Bermuda offers ominous prospects for a warming Earth
P.J. Hearty, B.R. Tormey

6. New rates of Indian Ocean carbonate production by encrusting coral reef calcifiers: Periodic expansions following disturbance influence reef-building and recovery
Kyle M. Morgan, Paul S. Kench

Quaternary Geochronology
7. Reprint of Glass compositions and tempo of post-17 ka eruptions from the Afar Triangle recorded in sediments from lakes Ashenge and Hayk, Ethiopia
C.M. Martin-Jones, C.S. Lane, N.J.G. Pearce, V.C. Smith, H.F. Lamb, C. Oppenheimer, A. Asrat, F. Schaebitz

8. Radiocarbon and optically stimulated luminescence dating of sediments from Lake Karakul, Tajikistan
Steffen Mischke, Zhongping Lai, Bernhard Aichner, Liv Heinecke, Zafar Mahmoudov, Marie Kuessner, Ulrike Herzschuh

Quaternary Science Reviews
9. Current state and future perspectives on coupled ice-sheet – sea-level modelling
Bas de Boer, Paolo Stocchi, Pippa L. Whitehouse, Roderik S.W. van de Wal

10. Were they all giants? Perspectives on late Holocene plate-boundary earthquakes at the northern end of the Cascadia subduction zone
Ian Hutchinson, John Clague

Quaternary International
11. Radiocarbon dating of coastal boulders from Kouzushima and Miyake islands off Tokyo Metropolitan Area, Japan: Implications for coastal hazard risk
Akihisa Kitamura, Takafumi Imai, Yosuke Miyairi, Yusuke Yokoyama, Yasufumi Iryu

12. The origins of pottery in East Asia and neighboring regions: An analysis based on radiocarbon data
Yaroslav V. Kuzmin

13. Fossil beetles from Pilauco, south-central Chile: An Upper Pleistocene paleoenvironmental reconstruction
Francisco Tello, Mario Elgueta, Ana M. Abarzúa, Fernanda Torres, Mario Pino

14. Reconstruction of tsunami history based on event deposits in the Niigata area, eastern coast of the Sea of Japan
Atsushi Urabe

15. Spatial and climatic characterization of three glacial stages in the Upper Krnica Valley, SE European Alps
Erika Kozamernik, Renato R. Colucci, Uroš Stepišnik, Emanuele Forte, Manja Žebre

Chemical Geology
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta
Global and Planetary Change
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology
Quaternary Research

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