New Papers (AGU, EGU, GSA) 2017/6/5~6/11

Geophysical Research Letters
1.   Carbon dating reveals a seasonal progression in the source of particulate organic carbon exported from the Greenland Ice Sheet
T. J. Kohler, J. D. Žárský, J. C. Yde, G. Lamarche-Gagnon, J. R. Hawkings, A. J. Tedstone, J. L. Wadham, J. E. Box, A. D. Beaton, M. Stibal

Climate of the past
2.   Quantifying the effect of seasonal and vertical habitat tracking on planktonic foraminifera proxies
Lukas Jonkers and Michal Kučera

3.   Ground-ice stable isotopes and cryostratigraphy reflect late Quaternary palaeoclimate in the Northeast Siberian Arctic (Oyogos Yar coast, Dmitry Laptev Strait)
Thomas Opel, Sebastian Wetterich, Hanno Meyer, Alexander Y. Dereviagin, Margret C. Fuchs, and Lutz Schirrmeister

4.   Southern Hemisphere anticyclonic circulation drives oceanic and climatic conditions in late Holocene southernmost Africa
Annette Hahn, Enno Schefuß, Sergio Andò, Hayley C. Cawthra, Peter Frenzel, Martin Kugel, Stephanie Meschner, Gesine Mollenhauer, and Matthias Zabel

5.   Postglacial fire history and interactions with vegetation and climate in southwestern Yunnan Province of China
Xiayun Xiao, Simon G. Haberle, Ji Shen, Bin Xue, Mark Burrows, and Sumin Wang

Global Biogeochemical Cycles
6.   Temperature and oxygen dependence of the remineralization of organic matter
C. Laufkötter, Jasmin G. John, Charles A. Stock, John P. Dunne

7.   No long-term trends in pCO2 despite increasing organic carbon concentrations in boreal lakes, streams and rivers
Anna C. Nydahl, Marcus B. Wallin, Gesa A. Weyhenmeyer

8.   Autonomous observing platform CO2 data shed new light on the Southern Ocean carbon cycle
Are Olsen

Journal of Climate
9.   Cause of ENSO weakening during the mid-Holocene
Zhiping Tian, Tim Li, Dabang Jiang, and Lin Chen

JGR: Oceans
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems
Journal of Quaternary Science
GSA Bulletin

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