New Papers 2017/5/8-5/14 (Nature, Science, etc…)

New Papers 2017/5/8-5/14 (Nature, Science, etc…)

1. Microfossil measures of rapid sea-level rise: Timing of response of two microfossil groups to a sudden tidal-flooding experiment in Cascadia
B.P. Horton, Y. Milker, T. Dura, K. Wang, W.T. Bridgeland, L. Brophy, M. Ewald, N.S. Khan, S.E. Engelhart, A.R. Nelson, R.C. Witter

2. Recent retreat of Columbia Glacier, Alaska: Millennial context
Anders E. Carlson, Zoe Kilmer, Leah B. Ziegler, Joseph S. Stoner, Greg C. Wiles, Kaitlin Starr, Maureen H. Walczak, William Colgan, Alberto V. Reyes, David J. Leydet, Robert G. Hatfield

3. Paleofluvial and subglacial channel networks beneath Humboldt Glacier, Greenland
Stephen J. Livingstone, Winnie Chu, Jeremy C. Ely, Jonathan Kingslake

4. Evidence for hydrothermal alteration and source regions for the Kiruna iron oxide–apatite ore (northern Sweden) from zircon Hf and O isotopes
Anne Westhues, John M. Hanchar, Mark J. LeMessurier, Martin J. Whitehouse

5. Ocean warming since 1982 has expanded the niche of toxic algal blooms in the North Atlantic and North Pacific oceans
Christopher J. Gobler, Owen M. Doherty, Theresa K. Hattenrath-Lehmann, Andrew W. Griffith, Yoonja Kang, and R. Wayne Litaker

6. Quantifying the influence of global warming on unprecedented extreme climate events
Noah S. Diffenbaugh, Deepti Singh, Justin S. Mankin, Daniel E. Horton, Daniel L. Swain, Danielle Touma, Allison Charland, Yunjie Liu, Matz Haugena, Michael Tsiang, and Bala Rajaratnam