New Papers 2017/6/5-6/11 (Nature, Science, etc…)

New Papers 2017/6/5-6/11 (Nature, Science, etc…)
Nature communications
1.     The influence of Antarctic subglacial volcanism on the global iron cycle during the Last Glacial Maximum
Silvia Frisia, Laura S. Weyrich, John Hellstrom, Andrea Borsato, Nicholas R. Golledge, Alexandre M. Anesio, Petra Bajo, Russell N. Drysdale, Paul C. Augustinus, Camille Rivard & Alan Cooper
2.     Seepage from an arctic shallow marine gas hydrate reservoir is insensitive to momentary ocean warming
Wei-Li Hong, Marta E. Torres, JoLynn Carroll, Antoine Crémière, Giuliana Panieri, Haoyi Yao & Pavel Serov

3.     Pyrite sulfur isotopes reveal glacial−interglacial environmental changes
Virgil Pasquier, Pierre Sansjofre Marina Rabineau, Sidonie Revillon, Jennifer Houghton, and David A. Fike
4.     High Arctic Holocene temperature record from the Agassiz ice cap and Greenland ice sheet evolution
Benoit S. Lecavalier, David A. Fisher, Glenn A. Milne, Bo M. Vinther, Lev Tarasov, Philippe Huybrechts, Denis Lacelle, Brittany Main, James Zheng Jocelyne Bourgeois and Arthur S. Dyke

5.  El Niño–Southern Oscillation–like variability in a late Miocene Caribbean coral
Thomas L. Weiss, Rhawn F. Denniston, Alan D. Wanamaker, Gabriele Villarini, Anna S. von der Heydt
6.     Dating the Paleoproterozoic snowball Earth glaciations using contemporaneous subglacial hydrothermal systems
D.O. Zakharov, I.N. Bindeman, A.I. Slabunov, M. Ovtcharova, M.A. Coble, N.S. Serebryakov, U. Schaltegger
7. 10Be dating of late Pleistocene megafloods and Cordilleran Ice Sheet retreat in the northwestern United States

Andrea M. Balbas, Aaron M. Barth, Peter U. Clark, Jorie Clark, Marc Caffee, Jim O’Connor, Victor R. Baker, Kevin Konrad, Bruce Bjornstad