New Papers(Elsevier) 2017/6/19–6/25

Chemical Geology
1. Long-term soil erosion derived from in-situ 10Be and inventories of meteoric 10Be in deeply weathered soils in southern Brazil
J. Schoonejans, V. Vanacker, S. Opfergelt, M. Christl

2. Impacts of temperature extremes on European vegetation during the growing season
Lukas Baumbach, Jonatan F. Siegmund, Magdalena Mittermeier, and Reik V. Donner

3. Tree growth and its climate signal along latitudinal and altitudinal gradients: comparison of tree rings between Finland and the Tibetan Plateau
Lixin Lyu, Susanne Suvanto, Pekka Nöjd, Helena M. Henttonen, Harri Mäkinen, and Qi-Bin Zhang

Earth and Planetary Science Letters
4. Exploring the MIS M2 glaciation occurring during a warm and high atmospheric CO2 Pliocene background climate
Ning Tan, Gilles Ramstein, Christophe Dumas, Camille Contoux, Jean-Baptiste Ladant, Pierre Sepulchre, Zhongshi Zhang, Stijn De Schepper

5. Calcium and titanium isotope fractionation in refractory inclusions: Tracers of condensation and inheritance in the early solar protoplanetary disk
J.I. Simon, M.K. Jordan, M.J. Tappa, E.A. Schauble, I.E. Kohl, E.D. Young

6. Late Mio-Pliocene chemical weathering of the Yulong porphyry Cu deposit in the eastern Tibetan Plateau constrained by goethite (U–Th)/He dating: Implication for Asian summer monsoon
Xiao-Dong Deng, Jian-Wei Li, David L. Shuster

7. Milankovitch cycles in an equatorial delta from the Miocene of Borneo
Nathan Marshall, Christian Zeeden, Frederik Hilgen, Wout Krijgsman

Marine Geology
8. The complex prograded Cassino barrier in southern Brazil: Geological and morphological evolution and records of climatic, oceanographic and sea-level changes in the last 7–6ka
Sergio R. Dillenburg, Eduardo G. Barboza, Maria Luiza C.C. Rosa, Felipe Caron, André O. Sawakuchi

9. Succession of bacterial community structure and potential significance along a sediment core from site U1433 of IODP expedition 349, South China Sea
Yao Zhang, Pan Liang, Xiabing Xie, Xiaofeng Dai, Haodong Liu, Chuanlun Zhang, Shuh-Ji Kao, Nianzhi Jiao

Journal of Quaternary Science
10. Last Glacial pollen–climate reconstructions from Northland, New Zealand
R.M. Newnham, B. V. Alloway, K.A. Holt, K. Butler, A.B.H. Rees, J.M. Wilmshurst, G. Dunbar, I. Hajdas

Quaternary Science Reviews
11. Reconstructing palaeoenvironments on desert margins: New perspectives from Eurasian loess and Australian dry lake shorelines
Kathryn E. Fitzsimmons

12. Speleothems as high-resolution paleoflood archives
Rhawn F. Denniston, Marc Luetscher

Quaternary International
13. Migration of the Intertropical Convergence Zone in North Africa during the Holocene: Evidence from variations in quartz grain roundness in the lower Nile valley, Egypt
Xiaoshuang Zhao, Yan Liu, Alaa Salem, Leszek Marks, Fabian Welc, Qianli Sun, Jun Jiang, Jing Chen, Zhongyuan Chen

14. AMS Carbon-14 dating of microbial carbonates in Holocene coral reefs, Western Luzon, Philippines
Shou-Yeh Gong, Hong-Chun Li, Fernando P. Siringan, Min Zhao, Su-Chen Kang, Chun-Yen Chou

15. Bi-decadal climate reconstruction derived from a 1200-year long pollen record from the NE Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and its implications for discussion of the late Holocene environmental dynamics
Carolina Müller

16. Paleoenvironmental reconstruction of Quaternary valley-fill successions in summit paleosurfaces of southern Sierras Pampeanas (Córdoba Province, Argentina)
María Jimena Andreazzini, Susana Beatriz Degiovanni, Karina Vanesa Echevarria


Palaeogeography, Paleoclimatology, Paleoecology
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta
Quaternary Geochronology
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Global and Planetary Change

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