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Geophysical Research Letters
1. Near-surface dust flux enrichment in small particles during erosion events
S. Dupont, S. C. Alfaro, G. Bergametti, B. Marticorena

2. Contributions of Atmospheric Circulation Variability and Data Coverage Bias to the Warming Hiatus
Claudio Saffioti, Erich M. Fischer, Reto Knutti

Climate of the past
3. Comparing past accumulation rate reconstructions in East Antarctic ice cores using 10Be, water isotopes and CMIP5-PMIP3 models
A. Cauquoin, A. Landais, G. M. Raisbeck, J. Jouzel, L. Bazin, M. Kageyama, J.-Y. Peterschmitt, M. Werner, E. Bard, ASTER Team

4. Ice sheet model dependency of the simulated Greenland Ice Sheet in the mid-Pliocene
S. J. Koenig, A. M. Dolan, B. de Boer, E. J. Stone, D. J. Hill, R. M. DeConto, A. Abe-Ouchi, D. J. Lunt, D. Pollard, A. Quiquet, F. Saito, J. Savage, R. van de Wal

5. Using results from the PlioMIP ensemble to investigate the Greenland Ice Sheet during the mid-Pliocene Warm Period
A. M. Dolan, S. J. Hunter, D. J. Hill, A. M. Haywood, S. J. Koenig, B. L. Otto-Bliesner, A. Abe-Ouchi, F. Bragg, W.-L. Chan, M. A. Chandler, C. Contoux, A. Jost, Y. Kamae, G. Lohmann, D. J. Lunt, G. Ramstein, N. A. Rosenbloom, L. Sohl, C. Stepanek, H. Ueda, Q. Yan, Z. Zhang

Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans
6. Argo data assimilation and its effect on climate state estimation and forecasting in the western North Pacific using a coupled model
Shiro Nishikawa, Yoichi Ishikawa, Shuhei Masuda, Yoshihisa Hiyoshi, Yuji Sasaki, Hiromichi Igarashi

Geological Society of America Bulletin
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems
Global Biogeochemical Cycles
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