New Papers (2015/03/02-2015/03/08)

Earth and Planetary Science Letters
1. Independently dated paleomagnetic secular variation records from the Tibetan Plateau
Torsten Haberzettl , Karoline Henkel , Thomas Kasper , Marieke Ahlborn , Youliang Su , Junbo Wang , Erwin Appel , Guillaume St-Onge , Joseph Stoner , Gerhard Daut , Liping Zhu , Roland Mäusbacher
magnetostratigraphy; inclination; Tibet; lacustrine sediments; Tangra Yumco; Taro Co

Global and Planetary Change
2. Initiation of East Asia monsoon failure at the climate transition from the Medieval Climate Anomaly to the Little Ice Age
Kyung Eun Lee , Wonsun Park
alkenones; oxygen isotopes; sea surface temperature; sea surface salinity; East Asia monsoon; Pacific Decadal Oscillation; Medieval Climate Anomaly; Little Ice Age

3. Drake Passage and Central American Seaway controls on the distribution of the oceanic carbon reservoir
Jeremy G. Fyke , Marc D’Orgeville , Andrew J. Weaver
Carbon Cycle; Ocean Gateways; Oceanography

Quaternary International
4. Satluj river flow variations since AD 1660 based on tree-ring network of Himalayan cedar from western Himalaya, India
Krishna G. Misra , Ram R. Yadav , Sandhya Misra
Himalayan cedar; Cedrus deodara; Satluj river; Tree ring; Western Himalaya; India

Chemical Geology
5. U-Th-Pb zircon geochronology by ID-TIMS, SIMS, and laser ablation ICP-MS: recipes, interpretations, and opportunities
U. Schaltegger , A.K. Schmitt , M.S.A. Horstwood
U-Pb-Th dating; geochronology; zircon; ID-TIMS; SIMS; laser ablation ICP-MS; review

6. Ni isotope fractionation during sorption to ferrihydrite: Implications for Ni in banded iron formations
Laura E. Wasylenki , Haleigh D. Howe , Lev J. Spivak-Birndorf , David L. Bish
Ni isotopes; Ferrihydrite; Sorption experiments; Precambrian ocean chemistry; Methanogen Ni famine

7. The TICE event: Perturbation of carbonnitrogen cycles during the mid-Tournaisian (Early Carboniferous) greenhouseicehouse transition
Le Yao , Wenkun Qie , Genming Luo , Jiangsi Liu , Thomas J. Algeo , Xiao Bai , Bo Yang , Xiangdong Wang
Nitrogen isotope; Carbon isotope; Tournaisian; Late Paleozoic Ice Age; South China

8. Chemical fluxes from time series sampling of the Irrawaddy and Salween Rivers, Myanmar
Hazel Chapman , Mike Bickle , San Hla Thaw , Hrin Nei Thiam
doi10.1016 / j.chemgeo.2015.02.012
Irrawaddy; Salween; River chemistry; Myanmar (Burma); Sr-isotopes; Himalayas

Quaternary Geochronology
9. Progress in refining the global radiocarbon calibration curve using New Zealand kauri (Agathis australis) tree-ring series from Oxygen Isotope Stage 3
J.G. Palmer , C.S.M. Turney , A.G. Hogg , A.M. Lorrey , R.J. Jones
Southern Hemisphere radiocarbon (14C) calibration; tree-ring (wood) pretreatment; 
Bayesian wiggle matching; Abrupt and extreme climate change; 
Lake Suigetsu; IntCal13; Cariaco Basin

10. Best Practice Methodology for 14C Calibration of Marine and Mixed Terrestrial/Marine Samples
G.T. Cook , P.L. Ascough , C. Bonsall , W.D. Hamilton , N. Russell , K.L. Sayle , J.M. Bownes , E.M. Scott

11. Optical dating of aeolian and fluvial sediments in north Tian Shan range, China: Luminescence characteristics and methodological aspects
Xiao Fu , Sheng-Hua Li , Bo Li
Optical dating; Loess & fluvial sands; Tian Shan; Quartz OSL; K-feldspar post-IR IRSL

Quaternary Science Reviews
12. The Southern Glacial Maximum 65,000 years ago and its Unfinished Termination
Joerg M. Schaefer , Aaron E. Putnam , George H. Denton , Michael R. Kaplan , Sean Birkel , Alice M. Doughty , Sam Kelley , et al.
Ice ages; Terminations; Marine Isotope Stage 4; Paleoclimate; Last Glacial Maximum; Moraines; Surface exposure dating; Cosmogenic nuclides

13. Holocene variations of thermocline conditions in the eastern tropical Indian Ocean
Cornelia Kwiatkowski , Matthias Prange , Vidya Varma , Stephan Steinke , Dierk Hebbeln , Mahyar Mohtadi
Indian Ocean; Sumatra; Indian Ocean Dipole; Mg/Ca; Thermocline; Holocene; Planktic foraminifera

14. A 50 ka record of monsoonal variability in the Darjeeling foothill region, eastern Himalayas
Ruby Ghosh , Subir Bera , Anindya Sarkar , Dipak Kumar Paruya , Yi-Feng Yao , Cheng-Sen Li
Monsoon variation; Plant community; 50 ka; Darjeeling foothill; Eastern Himalayas

15. Late PleistoceneHolocene vegetation and Indian summer monsoon record from the Lahaul, Northwest Himalaya, India
Suman Rawat , Anil K. Gupta , S.J. Sangode , Priyeshu Srivastava , H.C. Nainwal
Indian summer monsoon; Palynology; Himalaya; Carbon isotopes; Medieval Warm Period; Little Ice Age

Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology
Quaternary Research
Marine Geology

Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta
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