150317 New Papers AGU, EGU etc…

150317 New Papers AGU, EGU etc…

Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems

1. Evaluating the utility of B/Ca ratios in planktic foraminifera as a proxy for the carbonate system: A case study of Globigerinoides ruber
Michael J. Henehan, Gavin L. Foster, James W. B. Rae, Katherine C. Prentice, Jonathan Erez, Helen C. Bostock, Brittney J. Marshall, Paul A. Wilson1

Climate of the past

2. Statistical framework for evaluation of climate model simulations by use of climate proxy data from the last millennium – Part 3: Practical considerations, relaxed assumptions, and using tree-ring data to address the amplitude of solar forcing
A. Moberg, R. Sundberg, H. Grudd, A. Hind


3. What do benthic δ13C and δ18O data tell us about Atlantic circulation during Heinrich Stadial 1?
Delia W. Oppo, William B. Curry, Jerry F. McManus

4. Southwest Atlantic watermass evolution during the last deglaciation
D. C. Lund, A. C. Tessin, J. L. Hoffman, A. Schmittner

Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans
Geological Society of America Bulletin  
Geophysical Research Letters
Global Biogeochemical Cycles

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