2015/04/21 New Papers (Nature, Science, PNAS etc...)

1. Recovery potential of the world's coral reef fishes
M. Aaron MacNeil, Nicholas A. J. Graham, Joshua E. Cinner, Shaun K. Wilson, Ivor D. Williams, Joseph Maina, Steven Newman, Alan M. Friedlander, Stacy Jupiter, Nicholas V. C. Polunin & Tim R. McClanahan

2. Icebergs not the trigger for North Atlantic cold events
Stephen Barker, James Chen, Xun Gong, Lukas Jonkers, Gregor Knorr & David Thornalley

3. Dilution limits dissolved organic carbon utilization in the deep ocean

4.Volume loss from Antarctic ice shelves is accelerating

   U.S. lays out its ambitions for leadership in the Arctic
   Carolyn Gramling

6. Revealing the climate of snowball Earth from Δ17O systematics of hydrothermal rocks
Daniel Herwartz, Andreas Pack, Dmitri Krylov, Yilin Xiao, Karlis Muehlenbachs, Sukanya Sengupta, and Tommaso Di Rocco

7. Reply to Gonsamo and Chen: Yield findings independent of cause of climate trends

Nature Geoscience
8. Strong influence of westerly wind bursts on El Niño diversity
Dake Chen, Tao Lian, Congbin Fu, Mark A. Cane, Youmin Tang, Raghu Murtugudde, Xunshu Song, Qiaoyan Wu & Lei Zhou

Nature communications
Nature Climate Change