New Papers (AGU, EGU...) 2015/04/19~2015/04/26

1. Laurentide-Cordilleran ice sheet saddle collapse as a contribution to meltwater pulse 1A
N. Gomez, L. J. Gregoire, J.X. Mitrovica, A. J. Payne

2. GRACE gravity observations constrain Weichselian ice thickness in the Barents Sea
B.C. Root, L. Tarasov, W. van der Wal

3. Coupled simulations of Greenland ice sheet and climate change up to AD 2300
Miren Vizcaino, Uwe Mikolajewicz, Florian Ziemen, Christian B. Rodehacke,Ralf Greve, Michiel R. van den Broeke

4. Europa's surface color suggests an ocean rich with sodium chloride
K. P. Hand, R. W. Carlson

JGR Oceans
5. Observed interannual variability of near-surface salinity in the Bay of Bengal
Vimlesh Pant, M. S. Girishkumar, T.V.S. Udaya Bhaskar, M. Ravichandran, Fabrice Papa, V. P. Thangaprakash

6. What drives seasonal change in oligotrophic area in the subtropical North Atlantic?
Apurva C. Dave, Andrew D. Barton, M. Susan Lozier, Galen A. McKinley

7. Role of tides on the formation of the Antarctic Slope Front at the Weddell-Scotia Confluence
M. M. Flexas, M. P. Schodlok, L. Padman, D. Menemenlis, A. H. Orsi

8. Inorganic carbon system dynamics in landfast Arctic sea ice during the early-melt period
Kristina A. Brown, Lisa A. Miller, C.J. Mundy, Tim Papakyriakou, Roger Francois, Michel Gosselin, Gauthier Carnat, Kyle Swystun, Philippe D. Tortell

Climate of the Past
9. Subsurface North Atlantic warming as a trigger of rapid cooling events: evidence from the early Pleistocene (MIS 31–19)
I. Hernández-Almeida, F.-J. Sierro, I. Cacho, and J.-A. Flores

GSA Bulletin

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