New AGU papers published from 30 March to 5 April 2015

*Climate of the Past

 (1) High-resolution leaf wax carbon and hydrogen isotopic record of the late Holocene paleoclimate in arid Central Asia
B. Aichner, S. J. Feakins, J. E. Lee, U. Herzschuh, and X. Liu

(2) Monitoring deep ocean temperatures using acoustic ambient noise
Katherine F. Woolfe, Shane Lani, Karim G. Sabra ,and W.A. Kuperman

(3) Modeling the fate of methane hydrates under global warming
Kerstin Kretschmer, Arne Biastoch, Lars Rupke and Ewa Burwic

(4) Strontium isotope (87Sr/86Sr) stratigraphy of Ordovician bulk carbonate: Implications for preservation of primary seawater values
Cole T. Edwards, Matthew R. Saltzman, Stephen A. Leslie, Stig M. Bergström, Alexa R.C. Sedlacek, Amanda Howard, Jeffrey A. Bauer, Walter C. Sweet and Seth A. Young

(5) Marine climate influences on interannual variability of tropical cyclones in the eastern Caribbean: 1979–2008
Mark R. Jury

(6) Response of the subtropical North Atlantic surface hydrography on deglacial and Holocene AMOC changes

Janne Repschläger, Mara Weinelt, Hanno Kinkel, Nils Andersen, Dieter Garbe-Schönberg and Christian Schwa