New AGU Papers Published from 6 April to 12 April 2015

*Climate of the Past
(1) The bivalve Glycymeris planicostalis as a high-resolution paleoclimate archive for the Rupelian (Early Oligocene) of central Europe
E. O. Walliser, B. R. Schöne, T. Tütken, J. Zirkel, K. I. Grimm, and J. Pross

*G cubed
(2) Estimates of future warming-induced methane emissions from hydrate offshore West Svalbard for a range of climate models
Héctor Marín-Moreno, Timothy A. Minshull, Graham K. Westbrook and Bablu Sinha

(3) Observed climate change hot-spots
M. Turco, E. Palazzi, J. von Hardenberg and A. Provenzale

(4) Microbial nitrogen dynamics in organic and mineral soil horizons along a latitudinal transect in Western Siberia
Birgit Wild, Jörg Schnecker, Anna Knoltsch, Mounir Takriti, Maria Mooshammer, Norman Gentsch, Robert Mikutta, Ricardo J. Eloy Alves, Antje Gittel, Nikolay Lashchinskiy and Andreas Richter

*JGR Oceans
(5) In situ validation of sea surface temperatures from the GCOM-W1 AMSR2 RSS calibrated brightness temperatures
Chelle L. Gentemann andKyle A. Hilburn

(6) Comment on “Equatorial Pacific coral geochemical records show recent weakening of the Walker Circulation” by J. Carilli et al.

Kristopher B. Karnauskas, Anne L. Cohen and Elizabeth J. Drenkard