New Papers (ELSEVIER) 2015/03/30~2014/04/05

1. Neodymium isotopic characterization of Ross Sea Bottom Water and its advection through the southern South Pacific
Chandranath Basaka, Katharina Pahnkea, Martin Frankb, Frank Lamyc, Rainer Gersondec

2. The use of amino acid analyses in (palaeo-) limnological investigations: A comparative study of four Indian lakes in different climate regimes
Philip Menzel, Krishnamurthy Anupama, Nathani Basavaiah, Brijraj Krishna Das, Birgit Gaye, Nicole Herrmann, Sushma Prasad

3. Effects of brine chemistry and polymorphism on clumped isotopes revealed by laboratory precipitation of mono- and multiphase calcium carbonates
Tobias Kluge, Cédric M. John

4. Magnetic variations in surface soils in the NE Tibetan Plateau indicating the climatic boundary between the Westerly and East Asian summer monsoon regimes in NW China
Jinbo Zan, , Xiaomin Fang, Maodu Yan, Weilin Zhang, Zhiguo Zhang

Marine Geology
5. Stable isotopic and biomarker evidence of terrigenous organic matter export to the deep sea during tropical storms
K. Selvaraj, T.Y. Lee, J.Y.T. Yang, E.A. Canuel, J.C. Huang, M. Dai, J.T. Liu, S.J. Kao

Quaternary Geochronology
6. Quartz OSL and K-feldspar pIRIR dating of a loess/paleosol sequence from arid central Asia, Tianshan Mountains, NW China
Guoqiang Li, Lijuan Wen, Dunsheng Xia, Yanwu Duan, Zhiguo Rao, David B. Madsen, Haitao Wei, Fangliang Li, Jia Jia, Fahu Chen

7. DRAC: Dose Rate and Age Calculator for trapped charge dating
Julie A. Durcan, Georgina E. King, Geoffrey A.T. Duller

8. A Bayesian central equivalent dose model for optically stimulated luminescence dating
Benoit Combès, Anne Philippe, Philippe Lanos, Norbert Mercier, Chantal Tribolo, Guillaume Guerin, Pierre Guibert, Christelle Lahaye

9. Quartz OSL dating of late Holocene beach ridges from the Magdalen Islands (Quebec, Canada)
A.M. Rémillard, J.-P. Buylaert, A.S. Murray, G. St-Onge, P. Bernatchez, B. Hétu

Chemical Geology
Quaternary International
Quaternary Research