2017/11/07 New Papers(Elsevier)

New Papers(Elsevier)

Chemical Geology
1. High precision U-series dating of scleractinian cold-water corals using an automated chromatographic U and Th extraction
Anne-Marie Wefing, Jennifer Arps, Patrick Blaser, Claudia Wienberg, Dierk Hebbeln, Norbert Frank

Earth and Planetary Science Letters
2. Cosmogenic nuclides constrain surface fluctuations of an East Antarctic outlet glacier since the Pliocene

Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta
3. Evolution of dissolved inorganic carbon in groundwater recharged by cyclones and groundwater age estimations using the 14C statistical approach
K.T. Meredith, L.F. Han, D.I. Cendón, J. Crawford, S. Hankin, M. Peterson, S.E. Hollins

Global and Planetary Change
4. Reconstruction of Holocene environmental changes in Southern Kurils (North-Western Pacific) based on palaeolake sediment proxies from Shikotan Island
Larisa Nazarova, Тatiana А. Grebennikova, Nadezhda G. Razjigaeva, Larisa А. Ganzey, Nina I. Belyanina, Khikmat А. Arslanov, Victor М. Kaistrenko, Аleksey О. Gorbunov, Аndrey А. Kharlamov, Natalia Rudaya, Olga Palagushkina, Boris K. Biskaborn, Bernhard Diekmann

Marine Geology
5. Possible tsunami inundation identified amongst 4–5th century BCE archaeological deposits at Tel Ashkelon, Israel
N. Hoffmann, D. Master, B. Goodman-Tchernov

6. Labrador Current fluctuation during the last glacial cycle
Longjiang Mao, David J.W. Piper, Francky Saint-Ange, John T. Andrews

Quaternary Geochronology
7. Building robust age models for speleothems – A case-study using coeval twin stalagmites
Alexa Benson, Dirk L. Hoffmann, Pavel Bella, Anna Joy Drury, Helena Hercman, Timothy C. Atkinson

8. Molecular characterization of charcoal to identify adsorbed SOM and assess the effectiveness of common SOM-removing pretreatments prior to radiocarbon dating
Thomas V. Wagner, Anne K. Mouter, John R. Parsons, Jan Sevink, Johannes van der Plicht, Boris Jansen

Quaternary International
9. Hydrographic variability in the northern South China Sea over the past 45,000 years: New insights based on temperature reconstructions by Uk’37 and TEXH86 proxies from a marine sediment core (MD972146)
Da-Cheng Lin, Min-Te Chen, Masanobu Yamamoto, Yusuke Yokoyama

Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology
Quaternary Research
Quaternary Science Reviews

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