Introduction of new papers - Nature, Science, PNAS… (2017/11/6~12)

Introduction of new papers from Nature, Science, PNAS… (2017/11/6~12)

1. Cordilleran Ice Sheet mass loss preceded climate reversals near the Pleistocene Termination
B. Menounos, B. M. Goehring, G. Osborn, M. Margold, B. Ward, J. Bond, G. K. C. Clarke, J. J. Clague, T. Lakeman, J. Koch, M. W. Caffee, J. Gosse, A. P. Stroeven, J. Seguinot, J. Heyman

2. Abyssal Ocean overturning shaped by seafloor distribution
C. de Lavergne, G. Madec, F. Roquet, R. M. Holmes & T. J. McDougall

3. Role of stacking disorder in ice nucleation
Laura Lupi, Arpa Hudait, Baron Peters, Michael Grünwald, Ryan Gotchy Mullen, Andrew H. Nguyen & Valeria Molinero

4. Nutrient co-limitation at the boundary of an oceanic gyre
Thomas J. Browning, Eric P. Achterberg, Insa Rapp, Anja Engel, Erin M. Bertrand, Alessandro Tagliabue & C. Mark Moore

Nature Communications
5. Mapping functional diversity from remotely sensed morphological and physiological forest traits
Fabian D. Schneider, Felix Morsdorf, Bernhard Schmid, Owen L. Petchey, Andreas Hueni, David S. Schimel & Michael E. Schaepman

6. Global patterns of nitrate storage in the vadose zone
M. J. Ascott, D. C. Gooddy, L. Wang, M. E. Stuart, M. A. Lewis, R. S. Ward & A. M. Binley

7. Rapid termination of the African Humid Period triggered by northern high-latitude cooling
James A. Collins, Matthias Prange, Thibaut Caley, Luis Gimeno, Britta Beckmann, Stefan Mulitza, Charlotte Skonieczny, Didier Roche & Enno Schefuß

8. Holocene sea ice variability driven by wind and polynya efficiency in the Ross Sea
K. Mezgec, B. Stenni, X. Crosta, V. Masson-Delmotte, C. Baroni, M. Braida, V. Ciardini, E. Colizza, R. Melis, M. C. Salvatore, M. Severi, C. Scarchilli, R. Traversi, R. Udisti & M. Frezzotti

9. Shifts in pore connectivity from precipitation versus groundwater rewetting increases soil carbon loss after drought
A. Peyton Smith, Ben Bond-Lamberty, Brian W. Benscoter, Malak M. Tfaily, C. Ross Hinkle, Chongxuan Liu & Vanessa L. Bailey

Nature Geoscience
10. Variability in organic carbon reactivity across lake residence time and trophic gradients
Chris D. Evans, Martyn N. Futter, Filip Moldan, Salar Valinia, Zoe Frogbrook & Dolly N. Kothawala

11. Substantial export of suspended sediment to the global oceans from glacial erosion in Greenland
I. Overeem, B. D. Hudson, J. P. M. Syvitski, A. B. Mikkelsen, B. Hasholt, M. R. van den Broeke, B. P. Y. Noël & M. Morlighem

12. Nitrous oxide emissions are enhanced in a warmer and wetter world
Timothy J. Griffisa, Zichong Chen, John M. Baker, Jeffrey D. Wood, Dylan B. Millet, Xuhui Lee, Rodney T. Venterea, and Peter A. Turner

13. Impact of climate change on New York City’s coastal flood hazard: Increasing flood heights from the preindustrial to 2300 CE

Andra J. Garner, Michael E. Mann, Kerry A. Emanuel, Robert E. Kopp, Ning Lin, Richard B. Alley, Benjamin P. Horton, Robert M. DeConto, Jeffrey P. Donnelly, and David Pollard