New Papers (Nature, Science, etc ...) 2017/11/20~11/26

1. Hydrogen-bearing iron peroxide and the origin of ultralow-velocity zones
     Jin Liu, Qingyang Hu, Duck Young Kim, Zhongqing Wu, Wenzhong Wang, Yuming Xiao, Paul Chow, Yue Meng, Vitali B. Prakapenka, Ho-Kwang Mao & Wendy L. Mao

Nature Geoscience
2. Evidence for a spike in mantle carbon outgassing during the Ediacaran period
     Timothy Paulsen, Chad Deering, Jakub Sliwinski, Olivier Bachmann & Marcel Guillong

3. Lower vehicular primary emissions of NO2 in Europe than assumed in policy projections
     Stuart K. Grange, Alastair C. Lewis, Sarah J. Moller & David C. Carslaw

4. Fossil intermediate-depth earthquakes in subducting slabs linked to differential stress release
     Marco Scambelluri, Giorgio Pennacchioni, Mattia Gilio, Michel Bestmann, Oliver Plümper & Fabrizio Nestola

5. Oxygenation as a driver of the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event
     Cole T. Edwards, Matthew R. Saltzman, Dana L. Royer & David A. Fike

Nature Climate Change
6. Deep oceans may acidify faster than anticipated due to global warming
     Chen-Tung Arthur Chen, Hon-Kit Lui, Chia-Han Hsieh, Tetsuo Yanagi, Naohiro Kosugi, Masao Ishii & Gwo-Ching Gong

7. Recently amplified arctic warming has contributed to a continual global warming trend
    Jianbin Huang, Xiangdong Zhang, Qiyi Zhang, Yanluan Lin, Mingju Hao, Yong Luo, Zongci Zhao, Yao Yao, Xin Chen, Lei Wang, Suping Nie, Yizhou Yin, Ying Xu & Jiansong Zhang

8. Reassessing emotion in climate change communication
     Daniel A. Chapman, Brian Lickel & Ezra M. Markowitz

Nature Communications
9. Oxygenation as a driver of the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event
     Cole T. Edwards, Matthew R. Saltzman, Dana L. Royer & David A. Fike

10. Intensification of terrestrial carbon cycle related to El Niño–Southern Oscillation under greenhouse warming
     Jin-Soo Kim, Jong-Seong Kug & Su-Jong Jeong

11. Organic carbon burial in global lakes and reservoirs
     Raquel Mendonça, Roger A. Müller, David Clow, Charles Verpoorter, Peter Raymond, Lars J. Tranvik & Sebastian Sobek

12. North Atlantic variability and its links to European climate over the last 3000 years
     Paola Moffa-Sánchez & Ian R. Hall

13. Repeated storage of respired carbon in the equatorial Pacific Ocean over the last three glacial cycles
     A. W. Jacobel, J. F. McManus, R. F. Anderson & G. Winckler

14. Wetter subtropics in a warmer world: Contrasting past and future hydrological cycles
     Natalie J. Burls and Alexey V. Fedorov

15. Effect of paleoseawater composition on hydrothermal exchange in midocean ridges
     Michael A. Antonelli, Nicholas J. Pester, Shaun T. Brown, and Donald J. DePaolo

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