New Papers (Elsevier)

Elsevier (11/13 – 11/19 ,2017)

Marine Geology
1.The sedimentary succession of the last ~ 3.50 Myr in the western south Yellow Sea: Paleoenvironmental and tectonic implications
Jian Liu , , Xunhua Zhang, Xi Mei, Quanhong Zhao, Xingwei Guo, Weina Zhao, Jianxing Liu, Yoshiki Saito, Zhiqiang Wu, Jie Li, Xiaoqing Zhu, Hongxian Chu

2. Advancements in Understanding Deep-Sea Clastic Sedimentation Processes
M. Rebesco, D. Mosher, D.J.W. Piper

3.The chronology of a sediment core from incised valley of the Yangtze River delta: Comparative OSL and AMS 14C dating
Xiaomei Nian, Weiguo Zhang, Zhanghua Wang, Qianli Sun, Jing Chen, Zhongyuan Chen, Simon M. Hutchinson

Earth and Planetary Science Letters
4. Global assessment of benthic nepheloid layers and linkage with upper ocean dynamics

Wilford D. Gardner, Mary Jo Richardson, Alexey V. Mishonov