New Papers (2017/10/16 – 2017/10/22) (Elsevier)

New Papers (2017/10/16 – 2017/10/22) (Elsevier)

Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta
1) Reproducibility of Clathromorphum compactum coralline algal Mg/Ca ratios and comparison to high-resolution sea surface temperature data
S. Hetzinger, J. Halfar, A. Kronz, K. Simon, W.H. Adey, R.S Steneck

2) Mg/Ca-temperature calibration for costate Bulimina species (B. costata, B. inflate, B. mexicana): A paleothermometer for hypoxic environments
Patrick Grunert, Yair Rosenthal, Frans Jorissen, Ann Holbourn, Xiaoli Zhou, Werner E. Piller

3) The stoichiometric dissociation constants of carbonic acid in seawater brines from 298 to 267 K
Stathys Papadimitriou, Socratis Loucaides, Victoire M.C. Rerolle, Paul Kennedy, Eric P. Achterberg, Andrew G. Dickson, Matthew Mowlem, Hilary Kennedy

Quaternary International
4) Holocene Landscape dynamics in the Ghaggar-Hakra palaeochannel region at the northern edge of the Thar Desert, northwest India
Julie A. Durcan, David S.G. Thomas, Sanjeev Gupta, Vikas Pawar, Ravindra N. Singh, Cameron A. Petrie

5) Palaeoceanography changes in the Okhotsk Sea during Late Pleistocene and Holocene according to diatoms
Antonia Artemova, Sergey Gorbarenko, Yuriy Vasilenko, Xuefa Shi, Yanguang Liu, Min-te Chen

6) Studying relative sea level change and correlative adaptation of coastal structures on submerged Roman time ruins nearby Naples (southern Italy)
Pietro Aucelli, Aldo Cinque, Gaia Mattei, Gerardo Pappone, Angela Rizzo

7) Late Holocene Coastline and landscape changes to the west of Ephesus, Turkey
Friederike Stock, Stefan Halder, Stephan Optiz, Anna Pint, Sirri Seren, Sabine Ladstatter, Helmut Bruckner

8) Reconstruction and paleoclimatic significance of late Quaternary glaciers in the Tararua Range, North Island, New Zealand

Martin S. Brook, Martin P. Kirkbride