New papers, AGU, EGU, GSA (October 23rd to 29th)

Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans

1. Biogeochemical Impact of Snow Cover and Cyclonic Intrusions on the Winter Weddell Sea Ice Pack
J.-L. Tison, S. Schwegmann, G. Dieckmann, J.-M. Rintala, H. Meyer, S. Moreau, M. Vancoppenolle, D. Nomura, S. Engberg, L. J. Bloomster, S. Heindricks, C. Uhlig, A.-M. Luhtanen, J. de Jong, J. Janssens, G. Carnat, J. Zhou, B. Delille

2. Regional Sea Level Variability and Trends, 1960–2007: A Comparison of Sea Level Reconstructions and Ocean Syntheses
M. Carson, A. Köhl, D. Stammer, B. Meyssignac, J. Church, J. Schröter, M. Wenzel, B. Hamlington

3. Ocean-Forced Ice-Shelf Thinning in a Synchronously Coupled Ice-Ocean Model
James R. Jordan, Paul R. Holland, Dan Goldberg, Kate Snow, Robert Arthern, Jean-Michel Campin, Patrick Heimbach, Adrian Jenkins


4. Warming and Cooling: The Medieval Climate Anomaly in Africa and Arabia
Sebastian Lüning, Mariusz Gałka, Fritz Vahrenholt

Climate of the Past

5. Low-resolution Australasian palaeoclimate records of the last 2000 years

Bronwyn C. Dixon, Jonathan J. Tyler, Andrew M. Lorrey, Ian D. Goodwin, Joëlle Gergis, and Russell N. Drysdale