New papers 9/25-10/1 (Nature, Science, etc...)

Science 1. Tsunami-driven rafting: Transoceanic species dispersal and implications for marine
James T. Carlton, John W. Chapman, Jonathan B. Geller, Jessica A. Miller, Deborah A. Carlton, Megan I. McCuller, Nancy C. Treneman, Brian P. Steves, Gregory M. Ruiz

2. A Cenozoic terrestrial paleoclimate record from He dating and stable isotope geochemistry

of goethites from Western Australia
Hayden B.D. Miller, Paulo M. Vasconcelos, John M. Eiler & Kenneth A. Farley

3. The changing extent of the glaciers along the western Ross Sea, Antarctica
Andrew G. Fountain, Bryce Glenn & Ted A. Scambos

4. Uranium and carbon isotopes document global-ocean redox-productivity relationships linked to cooling during the Frasnian-Famennian mass extinction
Huyue Song, Haijun Song Thomas J. Algeo, Jinnan Tong, Stephen J. Romaniello, Yuanyuan Zhu, Daoliang Chu, Yiming Gong & Ariel D. Anbar.

Nature Communications 5. Springtime winds drive Ross Sea ice variability and change in the following autumn
Marika M. Holland, Laura Landrum, Marilyn Raphael & Sharon Stammerjohn
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