New Papers 2017/10/23-10/29 (Nature, Science, etc…)

New Papers 2017/10/23-10/29 (Nature, Science, etc…)

Nature Communications
1. Enhanced ice sheet melting driven by volcanic eruptions during the last deglaciation
Francesco Muschitiello, Francesco S.R. Pausata, James M. Lea, Douglas W.F. Mair & Barbara Wohlfarth

2. Burial-induced oxygen-isotope re-equilibration of fossil foraminifera explains ocean paleotemperature paradoxes
S. Bernard, D. Daval, P. Ackerer, S. Pont & A. Meibom

3. Evidence of marine ice-cliff instability in Pine Island Bay from iceberg-keel plough marks
Matthew G. Wise, Julian A. Dowdeswell, Martin Jakobsson & Robert D. Larter

Nature Geoscience
Nature Climate Change
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Current Biology
4. Genetic Ancestry of Rapanui before and after European Contact
Lars Fehren-Schmitz, Catrine L. Jarman, Kelly M. Harkins, Manfred Kayser, Brian N. Popp, Pontus Skoglund